‘Counting On’: Does Jessa Duggar’s Recent Video Prove The Adult Duggars are Branching Out?

The Duggar family is changing, whether Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar like it or not. While several of the adult Duggar children have seemingly bought into Jim Bob and Michelle’s lifestyle, it looks like the isolation that the patriarch and matriarch have widely promoted is a thing of the past, at least for a few of the adult Duggar daughters. Jessa Duggar, for example, recently posted a video that discusses hospitality, and it led some fans to think the Counting On star is branching out to make new friends just like a couple of her sisters.

Jessa Duggar discussed inviting people into her home

The Duggar family is no stranger to guests inside their home. The Duggar kids grew up with members of their church visiting often. Jessa, however, has mostly taken a pass on inviting people over and entertaining in her own home, at least during the earlier years of her marriage. That seems to be changing, and Jessa recently posted a video to her YouTube channel about being hospitable and integrating within her community.

Jessa’s desire to invite people in seems markedly different than the reason her parents invited families over. During the early years of 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars would often ask people from their church to stay in their home for the purpose of “fellowship.” Jessa’s take on entertaining seems to be geared more towards entertaining friends ad growing her base of close-by pals. It’s hard to ascertain just how many people from the family’s ministry live in the area. It is based in Illinois,according to Chicago Magazine. It’s likely, however, that Jessa’s friendship group is expanding to include individuals who don’t subscribe to the teachings of the ministry.

Jill Duggar seems to be developing friendships far from the family

Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, are in the midst of some serious family drama. After dropping bombshell after bombshell on social media, the family has gone relatively quiet, but Jill seems to be spending time with ladies outside of her family. In fact, it looks like she’s been doing so for several months.

Jill has regularly posted about hanging out with friends. Even her two children, Israel and Sam, appear to be getting friendly with children outside of the Duggar clan. While the Duggar kids were allowed to socialize outside their own family, their interactions were closely monitored, and the majority of people they became friends with were directly tied to the IBLP, the controversial Christian ministry the Duggar family belongs to. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Jill and her two kids, though. Followers are happy to see Jill finally expanding her social interactions, hoping it will lead to a more progressive lifestyle.  

Jinger is living an entirely different life in Los Angeles

Taking things a step further, Jinger is living a wholly different experience than the one she left back in Arkansas. Now residing in Los Angeles, Jinger has been spotted branching out and interacting with the world around her, and she is seemingly enjoying some of the activities that were considered verboten in the Duggar household.

Jeremy Vuolo, who married Jinger in 2016, was recently spied dancing with the couple’s only child, Felicity. While Jinger looked mildly uncomfortable by the display, the fact that the interaction was captured at all is a step in a different direction. The Duggar family doesn’t allow dancing, claiming that the act is too sensual and could “defraud” the boys and men in the room. The pair have also taken in a Kanye West event, and appear to be lapping up the culture of sunny Los Angeles.