‘Counting On’: Does Jinger Duggar Really Know Anything About Personal Finances?

The Duggar ladies all seem to be taking their finances into their own hands. At the very least, it seems that they are trying to make their own money. While that’s an admirable thing, not all of them appear to be succeeding. Jinger Duggar, who has been a fan favorite for years, appears to have the most disastrous influencer career thus far, and things aren’t getting better as she promotes more products. In fact, her recent attempt to advertise Vimvest has forced fans to wonder if the mother of one has any idea how to manage money. The answer, sadly, is probably not.  

Jinger’s ad left followers wondering if she has the basic principals of finance down

Jinger took to her Instagram Stories to promote Vimvest, a savings and investment app that allows users to set long-term, short-term and charitable goals. Through the app, users are given the option to fund each goal through deposits from their checking account. Users can also choose to boost their accounts by rounding up everyday purchases and depositing the difference into their accounts to fund their goals.

The app is a painfully simple concept, but the entire thing appeared to go over Jinger’s head, and fans certainly noticed. Jinger had a difficult time explaining the app and appeared to be looking to the side of the camera continuously. Some fans have theorized that her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, was standing off-camera to give her her talking points. If he was standing off to the side, he did very little to help bolster the content.

Followers walked away without a concrete understanding of what Vimvest actually was, and most are pretty sure Jinger wouldn’t know what to do with a dollar if she was left to her own devices. Jinger’s content, while painful to watch, does highlight a serious problem within the fundamentalist Christian sect her family belongs to – women really don’t have the tools necessary to survive on their own.  

Jinger probably doesn’t know the first thing about money, honestly

Jinger’s painful ad highlights a serious problem within the community she belongs to. Young women know very little about money because money management isn’t considered a feminine task. Sure, a woman like Jinger may be given money to do necessary household shopping, but she is unlikely to be balancing a budget, or making investment decisions.

Because the ultra-conservative Christian ministry that the family belongs to doesn’t believe women should work outside the home, they very rarely have access to the family finances. It’s simply assumed that the man of the house will handle it. It seems like Jeremy and Jinger are following that script, at least that is what Duggar family critics think.

This isn’t the first disastrous attempt at an advertisement from the Counting On star

Jinger’s most recent influencer snafu has everyone talking, but it’s not her first disastrous attempt at an influencer career. Back in 2019, Jinger had an ad pulled from Instagram when a group of critics messaged the donut company she was working with about the partnership. Fans of the niche donut shop in Los Angeles were concerned that they didn’t thoroughly research the Duggar family beliefs. Listening to the concerns of patrons, Fonuts ended the partnership.

Jinger later backed out of another partnership deal. However, it is not known who made the decision to pull the plug. If Jinger is hoping to boost her family’s income via Instagram ads, she’s going to need to get a lot savvier quickly. At the moment, it might be better if she sticks to partnering with boutique fashion brands, like many other famous faces from within her community.