‘Counting On’: Does the Duggar Family’s Birthday Post to Jill Duggar Indicate Jim Bob Duggar Has No Contact With His Daughter?

The Duggar family is continuing their quest to shore up their image, despite former employees and even family members coming forward with family gossip. One of the family’s most recent Instagram posts was a birthday message to Jill Duggar. Until recently, Jill was not seen on the family’s Instagram page in years, and the patriarch and matriarch of the family missed at least two birthday shoutout opportunities. Family critics, however, dug into the most recent message and noticed something strange. The caption appears to be written by only Michelle. Many followers believe the caption is a clear message that Jim Bob Duggar has nothing to do with this second oldest daughter.

Family insiders seem to confirm a familial rift

A family insider sat down with The Hollywood Gossip and spilled some serious family dirt. Not only did the reported former employee claim that Jim Bob has a horrid temper, but they also alleged that he has no problem excommunicating kids when he sees fit. The insider claimed that Jinger Duggar was briefly cut off from the Duggar clan when she moved to Los Angeles, and it’s clear that Jim Bob has some serious issues with Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard.

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Jim Bob has also been accused of hoarding earnings from the family’s show, and marrying off his children when they don’t follow his rules. It has been rumored that Josiah Duggar, for example, was basically forced to marry Lauren Swanson when a secular Facebook page was discovered. A different family insider alleges that Josiah is only sticking around because Jim Bob currently pays his bills.

Jill has been popping up on the Duggar family Instagram

Family critics think the Duggar family is following fan reactions and news articles. Shortly after the media began chronicling the apparent rift between Jill and Derick and her family, she started popping up on the family’s Instagram page. Jill was invited to a family event with all of her sisters. Her presence was documented on the family’s feed.

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The family also took to Instagram to wish Derick a happy birthday and shared photos of a visit to Israel Dillard on his birthday. There appears to be one common theme on any post that includes the Dillard family, though. Jim Bob seems to be completely absent. While Derick’s birthday shoutout used the term “we,” family critics mainly believe Michelle is behind the post. Jim Bob was also absent for the drive-by birthday visit for Israel.

Family critics notice that Michelle Duggar seems to be behind the birthday post for Jill Duggar

Jill Duggar received a birthday shoutout on Instagram from her family. That, usually, wouldn’t seem notable, but the Duggar family failed to acknowledge Jill’s birthday for several years. Family critics, however, noticed that the post doesn’t seem to be coming from the whole family, or even Jim Bob and Michelle together. Instead, the caption reads as if the caption was written by only Michelle.

The snapshots used for the post don’t feature Jim Bob. Michelle, however, is front and center. The caption also states, “I remember the day you were born…” before it goes into characteristics that Jill embodies.  

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Family critics believe that the birthday shoutout is pretty telling. Jim Bob doesn’t appear to want anything to do with Jill and her husband, and that would make sense. Jim Bob is apparently in damage control mode after Derick started spilling family tea on Instagram. He has also stated that he plans to pen a tell-all book about the Duggar clan.