‘Counting On’: Duggar Family Followers Have Accurately Predicted Several Pregnancies

Duggar family followers are hard at work trying to figure out if Jessa Duggar is pregnant again. In recent weeks, followers have noted that Jessa appears to be hiding her midsection and posted a photoshoot with her three children that could indicate another baby is on the way. Jessa has not announced an upcoming pregnancy, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation. If followers turn out to be right about Jessa, it wouldn’t be the first time. Do you remember all the times viewers have accurately predicted a Duggar family pregnancy

Family followers accurately predicted Kendra Caldwell’s third pregnancy announcement

Kendra Caldwell and her husband, Joseph Duggar, appear to be on track to have even more children than Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The pair married in September 2017, then quickly announced their first pregnancy. Their first child, Garrett, was born almost exactly nine months after their wedding day. Before Garrett turned 1, they were already expecting their second child. Addison was born in November 2019. Now, they have already announced that Kendra is expecting her third child. 

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Kendra and Joe announced their third pregnancy in August 2020, but family followers predicted she was expecting more than a month before. Reddit users noticed that Kendra was absent from several family events and stopped posting to social media. Naturally, they assumed a pregnancy announcement was forthcoming. Kendra is due in February 2021, meaning she and Joe conceived sometime in May. In short, family followers were correct. 

Eagle-eyed fans knew Joy-Anna was expecting before she announced her second and third pregnancies 

Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, haven’t been able to hide the truth from family followers, either. The pair announced their second pregnancy in May 2019, but fans were already completely convinced they were expecting. In March 2019, followers noted Joy appeared to be wearing maternity clothes and was likely expecting. The pregnancy ended tragically in July 2019. 

Joy and Austin insisted they were taking a break and giving Joy time to heal after losing their first daughter, Annabell. Within six months, though, fans were fairly sure another pregnancy announcement would be coming from the pair. They were correct. Fans accurately predicted that Joy would have another baby before 2020 was up. In March 2020, they shared that they were expecting again. Joy announced the birth of her daughter, Evelyn Mae, in August 2020. 

One photo clued fans into Lauren Swanson’s pregnancy, too

Lauren Swanson’s pregnancy was easy to spot before her big announcement. According to In Touch, family followers noticed Lauren in a photo at a birthday celebration and quickly spied a baby bump in early May 2019. Speculation about the pregnancy stretched back to about March, though. 

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It didn’t take long for Lauren to confirm the speculation. On May 20, 2019, Lauren posted photos to Instagram to announce her pregnancy. Lauren and her husband, Josiah Duggar, welcomed their daughter, Bella Milagro in November 2019. So far, there is no word on whether they are expecting again.