Fans Are Concerned About Conferences the Duggars Attend

If you’re familiar with the Duggars, then you know they take family seriously. That’s why they make a point to attend family conferences. In a recent Instagram post, Michelle Duggar spoke about a recent conference she attended with her family. She was excited about the event and left a long post about it for her fans. However, not everyone was as thrilled about the Duggars’ conference visit as she was. Some Counting On viewers expressed concerns. Here’s why fans slammed Michelle Duggar’s recent Instagram post.

What conference did Michelle Duggar attend?

Duggar Family| D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra
Duggar Family| D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Michelle attended an event called Family Conference. According to the website, the week-long religious event is held to help families “foster spiritual growth.” The week includes fellowship time, seminars, and workshops. “Whether making new friendships with other families or rekindling relationships from previous years, the conference is an annual highlight for many,” says the website description.

Michelle Duggar enthusiastically posted about her Texas conference visit  

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar|Matt McClain/ The Washington Post via Getty Images
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar|Matt McClain/ The Washington Post via Getty Images

Michelle couldn’t seem to contain her excitement about the conference she and her family attended. She took to Instagram to share all the details:

We came back from the Big Sandy, TX, Family Conference with full hearts and tons of memories!! (Click the link in the bio to see the photo album!) Our kids LOVED being part of all the programs. We’re so glad that some of our married children made it with their families, too!

This week we’ll be busy at home getting everything unpacked and all the laundry caught up. It is so worth the effort!! Creating a love for God and each other is priceless. It’s not too late to register for one of the four remaining conferences this summer! You will never regret making the effort to invest in your family!

Some fans were concerned the conference the Duggars attended sent the wrong message

One fan felt the conference reinforced the idea that women are only meant to stay home and bear children. The Instagram follower left a sarcastic comment to drive the point home. “Nothing like a little Institute in Basic Life Principles brainwashing camp to teach the girls they are nothing but broodmares,” said the poster. Another poster warned others to research the conference first before signing up. “You should look into these ‘conferences.’ Google Bill Gothard,” she advised. Someone else chimed in, asking if these conferences were set up to brainwash those who follow the religion.

Who is Bill Gothard?

Bill Gothard is the founder of Advanced Training Institute. This is a religious homeschool program the Duggars use for their children’s education. Gothard’s teachings have influenced the Duggars’ lifestyle. For example, women in the Duggar family tend to keep their hair long and curly or wavy. Gothard reportedly said women and girls should keep their hair long and curly. According to former followers of Advanced Training Institute, Gothard preferred women who had long, wavy hair. The Duggars also have strict rules when it comes to dating, sex, and marriage.

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