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The most recent episode of Counting On focused on two of the Duggar kids taking a big step into adulthood. No, a courtship wasn’t announced. Instead, the family revealed that Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar, the family’s second set of twins, were embarking on adulthood by living on their own for the first time in their lives. The twins would be the first Duggar kids to leave the family’s Springdale, Arkansas compound before getting married if they are actually living on their own. Some family followers, however, are unconvinced that the twins are living independently, though.

Jedidiah claimed he moved back way back in November 2019

Jedidiah claimed to be living away from his family back in November 2019, although he never mentioned he was living with his twin brother. In fact, Jed went out of his way to suggest he was living completely alone. The bombshell came on the heels of reports that the FBI was investigating the Duggar family. While those rumors turned out to be false, the Department of Homeland Security verified that they were looking into property connected to one of the Duggar family’s businesses.

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Initially, it was thought that Jed was simply attempting to distance himself from a potential family scandal. It has been several months, and no further information regarding that investigation has been released. Still, the Duggar family is becoming a bit freer with details about where Jed and his twin are living. In fact, an entire episode was dedicated to their relatively new living situation.

Counting On revealed that Jeremiah and Jedidah Duggar are living together in a house

Counting On fans were treated to a tour of Jeremiah and Jedidiah’s “bachelor pad” in the most recent episode of the series. The brothers are reportedly living together in a house and enjoying a little bit of freedom. The tour was nothing particularly special. After all, Jed had previously suggested he was no longer living at home, but it wouldn’t be a Duggar family house tour with a couple of odd elements.

Viewers did notice a few strange things about the brothers’ living situation. If they are actually living in the house together, there would be no need to share a bedroom. The home has more than one bedroom, and yet, the duo showed fans a single bedroom with two twin beds. They also had almost no real furniture, save for the two beds. Instead of couches, they appear to be using their living room for ping pong, and their kitchen lacked a table, at the time of the tour.

Family critics are unconvinced that the brothers are actually living in the home

Regardless of what the Duggar family claims, critics are unconvinced that the 21-year-old twins are living on their own. Aside from the lack of traditional furnishing, family followers not they would be the first Duggars to leave their childhood before getting married. While Jim Bob claims the kids are free to leave if they want, after they turn 18, that doesn’t really seem to be the case. All of the Duggar boys are entirely reliant on Jim Bob for their financial needs, and, according to insiders, they need to play by the rules to get financial support. Those rules seem to include living at home until marriage.

So, why would they be lying about where Jeremiah and Jedidiah live? It’s entirely possible that the house was set up to aid Jedidiah Duggar with his political aspirations. In November 2019, Jedidiah announced that he would be running for a seat in the Arkansas State House of Representatives.  Jedidiah is running to represent District 89. The Duggar family’s house is located in the 80th district, according to official district maps. While living within the zone one represent isn’t a requirement; it is considered a huge benefit. The house that Jedidiah and Jeremiah are reportedly occupying is located in the 89th district. Whether or not the boys actually live there on a day-to-day basis, well, fans are not convinced.