‘Counting On’ Fans Are Freaking Out Over This One Thing Posted In The Duggar Family Home

The tail end of 2019 was an interesting time for the Duggar family. There were some high points. The family welcomed three new grandchildren, for example. There also some pretty low moments. In November 2019, rumors began swirling that the family was raided by the Department of Homeland Security. As if that wasn’t enough, son-in-law, Derick Dillard, took to Instagram in December 2019 to spill some weird family secrets. Now that viewers are on the lookout, they are noticing some odd things in the Duggar family home, like a list of rules to keep the children’s bodies safe.

The Duggar family has a posting in the home about body rules

Life is not all Pickles and Hairspray, a Facebook group dedicated to uncovering dirt on the Duggar family, spotted something strange in the family’s home recently. Hanging directly below a portrait of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is a list of rules that the children should follow. Sure, that doesn’t seem too strange, but the type of regulations they must adhere to have made fans uncomfortable.

The list pertains to the children keeping their body’s safe from other people. The first rule states, “My body belongs to God, and He gives good rules to help keep me safe!” The list goes on to inform the kids that they are not to pair off in groups of less than four. Another rule advises young Duggars that when playing hide and seek, they should always hide alone.

The rest of the rules seem like simple common sense. The list suggests children should always keep their clothes on, lock restroom doors, and that they should tell their parents about any form of touching. The Duggars likely never expected fans to notice the sign, but notice it they did, and now people are freaking out.

Fans were disturbed by the discovery because of Josh’s previous behavior

Anyone who has followed the Duggar family for long enough knows that they weathered a massive scandal when Josh Duggar’s teenage behavior was made public. The eldest Duggar son was accused of inappropriately touching several of his siblings and a family babysitter when he was a teen. Michelle and Jim Bob insist they instated rules to help keep their children safe, but many followers don’t think they did enough to address the behavior.

In fact, a church insider claimed that Jim Bob and Michelle purposefully married Josh off after they became aware of his behavior. Josh would later go to cheat on his wife, Anna Duggar. His indiscretion was revealed during the Ashley Madison data breach. Followers also believe the Duggar girls were not given proper counseling following the assaults, and that several of them appear to blame themselves for the inappropriate behavior. The Duggar family strongly believes that women are responsible for “defrauding” men, a belief that could seriously damage women who have been victims of abuse.

Followers believe the Duggar family is victim-blaming

The biggest issue Duggar followers have with the list is the way it is worded. The rules seem to place ultimately responsible for inappropriate behavior on the potential victims of abuse. If you look at them carefully, Duggar opponents have a good point. While every person needs to protect themselves, suggesting that one needs to lock doors at all times and avoid being alone with a family member of the opposite sex to prevent sexual abuse does place additional responsibility on potential victims, while not placing enough responsibility on the potential perpetrator.

Duggar critics voiced similar concerns when Jim Bob and Michelle appeared on talk shows to discuss the abuse shortly after news broke in 2015. During the interview, the matriarch and patriarch of the supersized family insisted that they were not mandatory reporters, and claimed that the safeguards they put in place are meant to protect their girls, according to The Huffington Post. They also attempted to downplay the incidents. Followers didn’t see it that way in 2015 and they still don’t see it that way.