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The Duggar family, led by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, seems to announce a new courtship, wedding, or pregnancy at least once per year. But one person who has never been the center of attention in that regard is Jana Duggar, the oldest Duggar daughter. The 30-year-old is unmarried and still living at home, and, though it’s not “normal” to do so in her family, she seems to enjoy life.

Counting On fans have long theorized why Jana Duggar remains single. But now, there’s a brand new theory that’s gaining some traction.

Jana Duggar and sisters
Jana Duggar, far right, with three of her sisters | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jana Duggar is the only of-age daughter to be unmarried

Jana Duggar turned 30 earlier this year, and she still hasn’t tied the knot. For mainstream Americans, that isn’t unusual. Many women are unmarried on their 30th birthdays. But for Duggar, it’s seen as incredibly uncommon. The Duggar children tend to start courting no later than their early 20s, though some of them have even wed as teenagers. And for the most part, they have several kids before they’re 30.

Duggar has been living under her parents’ roof and, despite her age, is not allowed to move out. But all things considered, she does seem to enjoy life.

There have been various rumors as to why Duggar is still single

Many who watch the show have questioned why Duggar hasn’t found “the one” when it seemed so easy for her siblings to do so. Some believe that Duggar is a lesbian, though she has vehemently denied that rumor in the past. Others have suggested that her parents are preventing her from marrying because she has become an important helper around the house. And another theory sees Duggar purposely avoiding marriage because she doesn’t want to have as many kids as her parents would expect her to have. 

One follower of the show just proposed a new theory

One Reddit user who follows the Duggars suggested a new theory regarding Duggar’s lack of marriage. “I think [Jim Bob] didn’t approve of any man that approached her because she was too important to running the household,” the user wrote. They then went on to suggest that Duggar became discouraged that her father wasn’t approving of anyone until it eventually became too late and she could no longer find someone her age to court. The user suggests Duggar is now too discouraged (and too old) to marry someone with her same extreme values, and that Jim Bob initially only wanted to delay her marriage, not prevent it entirely.

Some suspect it’s ‘this year or never’ for Duggar to court

Duggar celebrated her 30th birthday in January, and since then, she has still remained single. For those who are as religious as Duggar, it’s important to marry young, and some think Duggar has missed her chance at ever having a courtship. Critics of the show suggest it’s “this year or never” for Duggar in terms of finding a husband. But she seems to happy with where she is in life that she might ultimately decide not to wed at all. Time will tell if Duggar meets her soul mate this year or if she continues to feel content with the current life she lives.