‘Counting On’ Fans Are So Confused By Jeremy Vuolo’s Recent Photo of Felicity

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are obsessed with their little girl. The two parents only have one daughter (a far cry from the way the Duggars typically do things), and they’ve been helping her live her best life. But Vuolo recently posted a photo of his daughter that has some fans extremely confused.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Duggar and Vuolo recently moved to California

Duggar and Vuolo are unlike most other members of the Duggar family. Typically, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s kids stay close to home when they marry. They settle down with someone they meet at their church and start a life in the same Arkansas town in which they were raised. But Duggar and Vuolo have done things differently. Duggar moved to Texas once she married Vuolo (she met him through her sister, Jessa Duggar), and they’ve started living life on their own terms. Duggar now wears pants and tank tops, dyes her hair, and attends sporting events. And earlier this summer, the two moved to Los Angeles, California, so Vuolo could take graduate classes.

The two have been taking their daughter on plenty of adventures

Duggar and Vuolo were married in 2016, and they only have one daughter. By usual Duggar standards, this is odd, since most family members have kids one right after another. But Duggar and Vuolo aren’t leading the same life as her other family members, and instead, they’re focusing all of their attention on their one little girl, Felicity. Ever since they moved to California, they have taken her on plenty of adventures. Felicity has gone to soccer games, the aquarium, and has explored many new towns and restaurants with her mom and dad. And both parents have been documenting everything on social media.

Vuolo posted an extremely confusing photo of Felicity

Earlier this week, Vuolo posted a photo of his daughter that greatly confused fans. In L.A., there is a wall with wings painted on it where people often stand to take photos. But since Felicity is so tiny, she wasn’t nearly tall enough to stand between the wings. However, Vuolo posted a photo where she appears to be floating in mid-air between the wings, as though she were flying. And though fans adored it, they were incredibly confused. “How is she on there? It looks like she’s sitting but I don’t see a ledge or seat,” one user asked. “How is she floating?!” another person wrote. “I think she’s on the ground and it’s the angle. I might be completely wrong,” someone else added.

Vuolo hasn’t revealed how Felicity is “floating” between the two wings, but to us, it looks like a classic case of Photoshop. Another user suggested that she was sitting on a seat that was painted to look like it wasn’t actually there.

Fans have grown to love Duggar and Vuolo more than any other Duggar couple

The fans can’t get enough of all of the photos and videos Duggar and Vuolo have posted of their little girl. Felicity has been the center of attention on both of their social media accounts, and people are glad to see she is being raised differently than Duggar was and is having her eyes opened to so many new adventures. The little family seems to be loving California, and we’re looking forward to all of the future fun they will have.