‘Counting On’ Fans Debate Which Duggar Would Write the Best Tell-All Book — and You Might Be Surprised Who They Picked

When it comes to tell-all books, there are few families that we want to know more about than the Duggar family. As the subject of TLC‘s now-canceled 19 Kids and Counting, and then again in the (also canceled) reality show Counting On, the Duggar family is rife with scandal and controversy. As the title of the show suggests, the Duggar family is a very large family that is outspoken about their religious and political beliefs. The Duggar family has been in the public eye in some way since 19 Kids and Counting debuted in 2008, and we haven’t stopped talking about them since. Still, you might be surprised about which Duggar fans think would write the best tell-all book. Keep reading to learn more.

The Duggar family has been involved in a number of scandals

Controversy and scandal grabs attention, and the Duggar family is no stranger to it. The Duggars identify as a strong Christian family, but their scandals show anything but those values. 

In 2015, one of the Duggar sons was exposed as having molested young girls, including his own sisters, in 2005. To make matters worse, the Duggar family patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, covered up his son’s actions. He sent him to a Christian treatment camp, then had a police officer give him a “stern talking to,” according to Insider. It wasn’t until a year later that Josh Duggar’s actions were reported to authorities.

Josh Duggar was also caught on Ashley Madison, a dating website that caters to those wanting to have extramarital affairs. He was an active user on the website for three years, between 2012 and 2015. He married his wife in 2008, and they had four kids.

Most recently Duggar was charged with possession of child pornography in 2021; his trial date is set for November.

It’s not all about Josh, though. Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, has made transphobic social media posts in the past. After fallout from those posts, Derick was removed from Counting On, which Jill headlined.

There was also that time when Michelle Duggar recorded robocalls denounced laws that would offer transgender individuals equal rights.

Who would write the best Duggar tell-all book?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who now have a growing number of grandchildren, visits "Extra" at their New York studios with their 19 kids.
The Duggar family visits “Extra” at their New York studios. | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

With that list of scandals, it’s no wonder that people want a tell-all book published. Who knows what else could be hiding, especially given that Jim Bob Duggar has kept quiet about wrongdoing before. Fans of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On on Reddit talked about who they think would write the best tell-all memoir. Many of the commenters had the same thought.

The consensus seems to be that Jana Duggar would write the best book. Redditors call her thoughtful and reserved. As the oldest still at home, Jana would likely know what was going on when the cameras weren’t rolling. She also helped raise the younger kids, and as the oldest female and mother figure, she might be a confidant for younger kids. 

One person wrote, “Jana has a certain quiet rage about her, and you know that she has all of the dirt on everyone. Jana would 100% write the best tell-all book. Second place would go to Josiah. He clearly went through some real sh*t as a teenager with that cult. Third? Jinger, if she would ACTUALLY write a book about her experiences that are not sugar-coated.”

Some went outside the box and suggested that TLC’s cameraman who got close to Jana might be a good source.

Another fan shared, “Probably Derick simply because he has the highest level of education. He also is the messiest and I’m sure Jill has told him all of the family secrets.”

Yet another person shared, “I think Jessa. Idk she just seems like if she ever REALLY turns on her family, she will reveal everything ruthlessly. Like she really defended Josh. Imagine if all that passion went into wrecking her family. I know she won’t but boy I could see it. Plus she needs money for all them kids.”

There may be a book already in the works


‘Counting On’: When Derick Dillard Publishes His Tell-All It Will Be the End of Jim Bob Duggar Claims Former Employee

Fans who suggest that Derick Dillard would be the best author may be getting their wish. A former employee of Jim Bob Duggar has even said that Dillard’s tell-all book could destroy him, and Jim Bob already has lawyers ready. It seems that something might be in that book. Dillard has made some accusations that money could be involved. If Jim Bob Duggar did steal money from his kids, that’s definitely scandalous, but is it enough to get lawyers involved and try to stop the book from being released?

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