‘Counting On’ Fans Debate Why Josiah and Lauren Duggar Deleted All Photos of Daughter Bella Milagro Duggar From Instagram

As many Duggar family members continue to distance themselves from the Josh Duggar trial, Josiah and Lauren Duggar have popped up on discussion boards for a different reason. That’s because Counting On fans noticed the couple removed all images of their daughter from social media. Now, many critics have theories about why Josiah and Lauren Duggar have deleted all photos of Bella Milagro Duggar from Instagram. Keep reading to learn more.

Josiah and Lauren married when she was 18

Josiah and Lauren Duggar, who have a daughter Bella Milagro Duggar
Lauren and Josiah Duggar from ‘Counting On’ | TLC/YouTube

The Duggar children usually have a quick courtship with their significant others. However, the situation is somewhat different for Josiah and Lauren, who grew up together. After they announced their romance, Counting On fans were thrilled but not surprised due to their longstanding friendship.

Josiah initially dated Marjorie Jackson, but the relationship ended with no explanation given. After spending some time as a bachelor, he and Lauren began dating. The pair seemingly followed Josiah’s family’s footsteps as he proposed in only four weeks of their courtship.

The couple tied the knot in June 2018 when Lauren was only 18 years old. Immediately after their wedding, the pair announced that they were trying for a baby. After a few months of trying, the two learned that they were expecting a child. However, Lauren suffered a miscarriage.

Several months later, she and Josiah revealed to their fans that they were expecting another child. Lauren delivered a bouncing baby girl in November 2019, and the couple named her Bella Milagro Duggar. Bella has made several appearances in her parents’ Instagram account over the years — until recently, that is.

Fans noticed that Bella Milagro Duggar’s photos were missing from Lauren and Josiah Duggar’s Instagram

Eagle-eyed fans of the pair recently noticed that Bella was missing from her parent’s Instagram accounts, with one user on Reddit wondering if it had anything to do with Josh Duggar’s arrest. Other users quickly chimed in, with many believing it is their way of obtaining privacy with everything going on in the family.

One user said, “I think it’s been gradually over the last week — I looked up what used to be on her account, and she’s deleted every photo of Bella, every mention of her miscarriage- baby shower.” The user stated that what remains are just pictures of Lauren and Josiah.

The fan reasoned that Lauren deleting the photos might also have something to do with the Duggar patriarch Jim Bob Duggar running for state senate. Another theorized that Lauren was “gearing up for a documentary about how f—-d up her in-laws are,” while another thought they wanted to be more private after the cancelation of TLC’s Counting On.

Still others applauded Lauren’s decision to delete the photos, with one saying, “Oh, PLEASE let this mean they are changing their beliefs,” finishing off with a prayer hands emoji.

One fan, however, had an interesting take on all that, saying that Lauren and Josiah might be preparing to “flee under the cover of darkness.”

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have also opted to keep their kids away from social media

Josiah and Lauren aren’t the only Duggars who have opted to keep a safe distance between their children and social media. Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo have also minimized posting their children on their respective Instagram accounts.

Their social media pages are full of pictures of themselves undertaking various activities either together or alone, rarely with their children — unless it’s a shot of the back of their daughters’ heads. Many fans feel it’s a great move to ensure the press doesn’t get a chance to comment on their children and help them lead more private lives outside of the family business.

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