‘Counting On’ Fans Think Jinger Duggar’s Recent Photo Proves She’s Unhappy: ‘She Looks Miserable’

Jinger Duggar has been married to Jeremy Vuolo since 2016, and the two have started a more adventurous life together than most of her other siblings. Though Duggar appears to love life on social media, everyone knows that social media happiness doesn’t always equal real happiness. And some fans are convinced that Duggar is more “miserable” than ever based on her most recent Instagram post.

Jessa, Jinger, Jill, Jana Duggar
Jinger Duggar (second from left) with Jessa, Jill, and Jana Duggar | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Duggar and Vuolo are arguably the most modern Duggar couple

When Duggar and Vuolo wed, they instantly started doing things differently than the rest of the family. The two planted roots in Laredo, Texas, where Vuolo worked as a pastor at the time. Duggar started stepping out of her comfort zone; she made new friends, started wearing pants, and even dyed her hair.

Back in spring 2019, the two announced that they would be moving to California over the summer. Now, they’ve been settled in for several months, and they continue to break the Duggar boundaries.

Some think Duggar has been struggling to adjust to her modern life

Duggar loves to post on social media, and from the looks of it, the family is loving their new life. However, some fans are concerned that Duggar is struggling to adapt to a more modern lifestyle. Growing up, Duggar was not allowed to watch television or listen to modern music; she was very sheltered from things most of us consider normal. Fans expressed concern that once Duggar married her husband, she was thrust into the modern world too quickly and now has difficulty figuring out life.

In one episode of Counting On, Duggar and her husband were walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame with friends. It was clear everyone knew all of the stars, and Vuolo was loving the experience — but Duggar looked confused and uncertain.

Fans are convinced ‘she looks miserable’ in her recent photo

Duggar recently posted a photo of herself out to eat enjoying a slice of pizza. Though she’s smiling in the picture, she isn’t showing her teeth, leading some fans to think it seems forced. “Why does she keep making this face? It’s such a forced smile,” someone posted to Reddit. “She looks miserable,” someone else commented. “  I think Jeremy has taken all the life out of [Jinger],” another user wrote. Some suggest that her happy social media presence is a front for how she really feels.

Fans have mixed feelings about Duggar’s recent Instagram photo.

Other fans suggest the photo shows she’s actually very happy

Though some fans saw the photo as a negative depiction of Duggar’s life, others saw it as a positive one. When Duggar posted the photo to Instagram, some fans thought she looked like she was glowing. “You’re so beautiful!” one fan wrote. “You shine in this world Jinger,” someone else said. “Looking more and more beautiful each and every day, keep on shining,” another fan added.

Some suspect that Duggar is pregnant with baby no. 2, since she has avoided showing her stomach in recent photos. If this is the case, the two have not yet made an announcement. We’re hoping that Duggar is greatly enjoying her new lifestyle and taking in everything California has to offer.