‘Counting On’ Fans React to the Duggar Family’s Shocking Treatment of Single Jana Duggar

Counting On star Jana Duggar is only a few months away from her 30th birthday and, unless something drastic happens, she will be the first member of her family to enter her thirties without a wedding ring. Waiting to get married is nothing new, but for Jana’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, having a single 30-year-old daughter is the stuff of nightmares. While we are confident Jana will get married someday, Counting On fans are shocked by the way Jim Bob has treated Jana over the years.

Jim Bob and Jana Duggar Counting On
Jim Bob and Jana Duggar

Inside Jana Duggar’s love life

When Jana turns 30 in a few months, she will officially be the first of her siblings to have hit that age without a husband or a wife at her side. In fact, a few of the Duggars have even gotten hitched before turning 20.

We do not know why Jana has had a difficult time finding love, but it is not from a lack of trying.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the Counting On star has been linked to several men over the years, including Zach Bates, another reality star who appears on Bringing Up Bates. None of these romances, however, have worked out for Jana.

But an inside source claims that Jana almost courted Zach a few years back and that Jim Bob may have been the reason why it did not happen.

Did Jim Bob stop Jana and Zach from courting?

Back in the day, Zach reportedly tried to pursue the Counting On star, who did not share the same feelings. At the time, Jana was infatuated with another guy, Chad Paine, who actually ended up marrying Zach’s sister, Erin Bates.

Despite Jana’s feelings for the other guy, the insider says that she was very close to courting Zach at one point.

The source does not know why a courtship never happened. They did, however, note that Jim Bob may have shut it down and that the rumors surrounding Jana’s other love interest were spread as an excuse.

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Unfortunately, we may never know what happened between Jana and Zach. The Bringing Up Bates star is now happily married and has a family of his own. With Jana nearing 30, we are guessing Jim Bob is probably regretting his decision to break them up.

Apart from Zach, there were also rumors that the Counting On star was looking to court his brother, Lawson Bates, though nothing official has been confirmed.

Jana breaks from this Duggar tradition

Speaking of the Duggars being too strict on their children, Jana recently revealed that she holds different views on dancing than her parents.

During an episode of Counting On, Jana watched an old clip of her mom and dad talking about how they are very careful about what kind of music they let their children hear.

After listening to Jim Bob’s explanation, Jana shook her head and revealed that she has completely different views when it comes to music. Not only does she listen to certain types of secular music, but she will also likely allow her children to enjoy it as well.

“I think with any person you may have different views when you’re younger and things change when you get older and vice versa,” she told Counting On fans.

Taking to Instagram, Jana recently revealed that she has been enjoying more popular music than ever before. She also quoted a line from one of Michael Buble’s songs when a fan asked her about her dating woes — so she has definitely expanded her musical tastes over the years.

Jana Duggar enjoys a trip to Branson

While Counting On fans wait for Jana to find the love of her life, she is not letting the single life get her down.

The reality star was recently spotted on an outing with her siblings, Jason and Jedidiah Duggar. The trio visited Branson, Missouri and took pictures at the town’s amusement park, Silver Dollar City.

They even shared photos from their visit on social media and all three of them looked like they had a blast.

The outing came following the news that Josh Duggar’s place of employment had been raided by the Department of Homeland Security. The government agency also visited Jim Bob and Michelle’s house, though it is unclear what they are investigating.

New episodes of Counting On will air starting December 10 on TLC.