‘Counting On’ Fans Just Pointed Out Something Bizarre About Kendra Duggar’s Mom

Joe Duggar married Kendra Caldwell back in 2017, and the two have been happy together ever since. Kendra is a few years younger than Joe, but they make an adorable family of four. Joe turned 25 on January 21, and Kendra’s parents posted a heartfelt photo of the four of them to wish him a happy birthday. But it didn’t take long for fans to notice something super bizarre about Kendra’s mother.

Joe and Kendra Duggar
Joe and Kendra Duggar | LittleDuggarFamily via Instagram

The Duggars tend to marry very young

Counting On showcases the Duggar family, a very large, religious family based in Arkansas. To the Duggars, marrying young is an essential part of the lifestyle, and having as many kids as possible is God’s will. Joe and Kendra met through church, and she was only a teenager when they wed; Joe is nearly four years older than his wife.

Other Duggars have also married very young — Joy Duggar married Austin Forsyth when she was 18, and the others all wed in their early 20s.

Kendra’s mother had her when she was 19

Kendra’s parents were very young when they started having kids. Kendra, who is the oldest child in her family, was born when her mother was 19 — the same age that Kendra welcomed her first child. It’s not uncommon for religious families to have kids at a young age because they believe it is God’s will to have children to spread the religious word. Kendra’s father is a pastor, and Kendra was raised in a very similar household to Joe.

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Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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Kendra and Joe already have two kids

Fans realized that Kendra’s mom is very close in age to Joe — and Jeremy Vuolo

Kendra’s mother was 19 when she welcomed Kendra, but Joe is several years older than Kendra — and fans realized that Joe and Kendra’s mom are actually quite close in age. “So Kendra’s mom is only 14 years older than Joe,” someone wrote in a Reddit thread. Today, Mrs. Caldwell is 39, and Joe just celebrated his 25th birthday.

Oddly enough, Kendra’s mom is even closer in age to other Duggar spouses. Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo back in 2016 — Jinger and Joe are only about one year apart, but Jeremy is 32. This means that Jinger’s husband is only a little more than six years younger than Kendra’s mother. It’s bizarre to think about, considering the small age gap between Joe and Jinger.

Kendra’s future will likely play out the same way

The small age gap between Mrs. Caldwell, Jeremy, and Joe can be explained easily: Joe married someone four years younger than him, while Jinger married someone six years older than her. As bizarre as it seems for Jeremy and Mrs. Caldwell to both be in their 30s, Kendra’s future will likely play out the same way. Kendra was only a teen when she started having kids, and she and Joe have already welcomed baby no. 2. The two are on pace to have more kids than Joe’s parents, which means Kendra might be close in age to some of her future in laws as well.