‘Counting On’ Fans Think Austin Forsyth Hides His Real Personality On the Show

The Duggar family acts very differently from most mainstream American families. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised their children with very strict rules and values, and it’s affected every aspect of their lives — including the people they marry.

When Joy Duggar married Austin Forsyth, fans initially thought that he was a bit uptight. But now that he and Duggar have their own YouTube channel, he’s let a bit more of his personality out — and some think he’s been hiding his true self for the show.

Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar
Austin Forsyth and Joy Duggar | austinandjoyforsyth via Instagram

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth seem to have a pretty equal marriage

Ever since Duggar and Forsyth wed, they’ve been doing things together. Whereas most Duggar couples have the husband work and the wife take care of the kids, Duggar seems to really get her hands dirty in Forsyth’s home flipping business. The two have worked on several projects together, and they share those projects as opposed to Forsyth doing everything himself. Plus, Forsyth loves spending time with his son, Gideon, and it seems like he’s been helping out with parenting a lot, too.

Forsyth has always been pretty quiet on the show

Most of the Counting On stars don’t have much of a personality. (Sorry, someone had to say it.) Everyone seems to have a kind heart, though nobody is extremely funny or a super outgoing — and that includes Forsyth. Whenever he and Duggar have a sit-down interview, they’re both very calm in nature and seem soft spoken. However, now that they’ve been married for a few years and have started their own YouTube channel, Forsyth’s personality seems to be poking through a bit more.

Fans think he’s been hiding his true personality

Forsyth and Duggar recently started posting more YouTube videos, and in their recent video about cleaning products, Forsyth poked fun at his wife for saying “wipe, but” because it sounded like she was saying “wipe butt.” It was an infrequent glimpse into his sense of humor.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss Forsyth’s personality in the video. “I have always gotten the vibe that Austin’s personality is like this and he just reallyyyy plays up the goodie good Christian boy for the Counting On cameras,” one user wrote. “…It was nice to see them let loose a bit,” another person wrote, though they remarked that the humor still made it seem like their childhoods were “stunted.” People also praised Forysth’s inclusion of Duggar in his work life, which most husbands in the family don’t do.  

Some think Duggar and Forsyth are one of the happiest Duggar couples

Reddit users have ranked the Duggars’ “happiest” couples in the past, and many agreed that Duggar and Forsyth were near the top. Though fans seemed to think that Joe and Kendra and John and Abbie were the top two, many agreed that Duggar and Forsyth were third.

“They have common interests so they have more to talk about than some of the other couples… I think this relationship developed more organically than the very ‘arranged’ vibes some of the others give off,” one user analyzed. Overall, Duggar and Forsyth seem to complement each other well, and it’s nice to see that they have some humor in their relationship.