‘Counting On’ Fans Think One Duggar Couple Will Stop Having Kids In Their Early 30s

The Duggar family members pride themselves on having plenty of kids. The family is very religious, and having kids is part of God’s purpose for putting them on earth. Now that some of the kids have grown up and started families of their own, fans can’t help but wonder how many children all the Duggar kids will have. And some think that one couple will stop having kids fairly young.

The Duggar family
The Duggar family | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar don’t believe in birth control

When Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar first wed, they actually did use birth control. The two weren’t ready to start a family, but plans changed when Michelle learned she was pregnant. Unfortunately, Michelle miscarried, and the two took it as a sign of punishment for using birth control.

From that point forward, the Duggars decided that birth control was sinful, and they opened themselves up to having as many children as God wants to give them. Over a little more than two decades, the two welcomed 19 kids.

There were six Duggar pregnancies in 2019

Now, many of Michelle and Jim Bob’s children have grown up, married, and started families of their own. In 2019, six different Duggars announced pregnancies: Jessa, Joy, Anna, Abbie, Kendra, and Lauren. Sadly, Joy and Austin Forsyth lost their baby at 20 weeks. But the family welcomed five new babies last year, and toward the end of Counting On season 10, Michelle said she wouldn’t be surprised if there were eventually a year with double the pregnancies (as more Duggars start to court and marry).

It seems like Kendra and Joseph Duggar will have the most kids in the family

Fans have started to debate which couples will have the most and least kids. Eight of the 19 kids are married, and all of them have at least one child. But based on age and timing, it seems like Joseph and Kendra Duggar will have the most children. Kendra was only 19 when they married, and she got pregnant right away. Then, the couple announced a second pregnancy before their first child had even turned one. If they continue to have kids at that pace, they could even surpass Michelle and Jim Bob and likely have as many as 20 or more children.

Some fans think Jessa and Ben Seewald will stop having kids young

While some think Joe and Kendra will have the most children, some also think Jessa and Ben Seewald will have the fewest. Jessa and Ben welcomed three kids in their first five years of marriage, so while they’re on pace to have many, fans theorize the two will actually “burn out” and stop having kids in their early 30s.

“I can see [Ben] wanting to stop at three but Jessa will want a couple more. We know who will win that argument, one Reddit user wrote. “I think Jessa will continue at her current pace until she hits 31 or 32 and then she and Ben will both tap out,” another person added. Other said they could see Jessa going for another girl or having a few more. Interestingly, Jessa and Ben have had several kids in a few years, but fans don’t seem to think they will keep that pace.