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Jessa Duggar has been a model citizen while self-isolating. Counting On fans have been paying close attention to how the Duggars are handling the coronavirus pandemic. Several members of the Duggar clan have openly ignored medical guidelines, like social distancing, while others have been self-isolating inside their homes. Unlike some of her siblings, Jessa has been doing a great job following the rules, but some Counting On fans believe she might be quarantining without her husband, Ben Seewald.

Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald, and their three children
Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald, and their three children | Jessa Seewald via Instagram

Jessa Duggar takes to social media amid the pandemic

Counting On star Jessa has been getting plenty of attention in recent weeks due to her activity on social media. With everyone in the country dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, Jessa has been sharing fun recipes and ideas for keeping children happy amid the crisis.

Despite her positive posts, there has been some speculation that Jessa Duggar is using the virus as an excuse to avoid her overbearing father, Jim Bob Duggar. Turns out, this could not be further from the truth.

Taking to YouTube, the Counting On star recently posted a touching tribute to her dad. The video made it clear where Jessa stands in the family, but it also sparked rumors about her relationship with her husband.

After watching the video, some fans speculated that Jessa and Ben are not living together during the coronavirus pandemic.

Where is Ben Seewald?

The video tribute to Jim Bob has led Counting On viewers to suggest that her loyalty has created a rift in her marriage. To that end, fans pointed out that Ben was nowhere to be seen in a recent photo Jessa posted that featured her and her three boys.

The image includes Jessa Duggar smiling while her boys are sitting on a couch beside her. The reality star captioned the photo by writing, “My quaranteam.”

Fans immediately began to ask about Ben, who was not in the photo. More questions arose when fans noticed that Ben has not appeared in Jessa’s social media account for around two weeks.

In response to the rumors, Jessa assured fans that Ben is living in the house during the quarantine. He was apparently mowing the lawn when she snapped the latest pic, which explains why he did not make the photo op.

There is no telling if this will stop the rumors, but it is hardly the only thing Jessa and Ben are dealing with at the moment.

Is Jessa Duggar going to have another baby?

Jessa sparked pregnancy rumors after sharing a comment on Twitter about baby names. The Counting On star tweeted a conversation she had with her oldest son, Spurgeon, who did not approve of the name Alice.

“I love old names, and was talking with Spurgeon about this— Me: ‘Do you like the name ‘Alice,’ for a girl?’ Spurgeon: ‘Alice? That sounds like ‘malice.’ That is not my favorite name. I prefer ‘speeding-delightning.’”

Jessa Duggar, who shares three children with Ben (Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy), did not elaborate on why she was talking to her oldest son about potential baby names. Counting On fans, of course, immediately thought Jessa must be pregnant.

“Thinking of having another baby?” one fan wrote, while another added, “Kids are so funny. Are you expecting again?”

Jessa did not respond to the comments about having another child. Although she has already had three children with Ben, it would not be a huge shocker if she had more. After all, Jessa was raised by parents who had 19 children of their own and encourage their kids to have large families all the time.

‘Counting On’ fans question Jessa’s parenting skills

While we wait to hear more on the baby front, fans were not happy about a recent post Jessa Duggar shared that showed her children climbing a metal dome in her yard. Plenty of fans stuck up for Jessa, but there were several followers who criticized her over safety concerns.

“Bad idea… asking for a wrist fracture!” a fan commented.

Jessa did not respond to the negative posts. Luckily, several fans came to her defense and assured everyone that Jessa likely knows how to keep her children safe.

Filming has been delayed for Jessa Duggar and the rest of the stars of Counting On due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it is anyone’s guess when production will ramp up again.