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Counting On fans are convinced another Duggar baby is on the way. Jinger Duggar just shared a photo of her and her hubby, Jeremy Vuolo, enjoying a stroll in the rain, and fans believe she is sporting a tiny baby bump. Is Jinger pregnant with her second baby?

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar, and Felicity
Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar, and Felicity | Jinger Vuolo via Instagram

Jinger Duggar posts a new photo

Taking to Instagram, Jinger posted a photo of herself and Jeremy walking under an umbrella in Los Angeles. The post quickly generated nearly 100,000 likes and most fans enjoyed seeing another snap of the couple.

“Does anyone else love walking in the rain? There’s something about it that’s just very calming to me,” Jinger Duggar wrote in the post. “Of course, it’s always better when you’re sharing the walk with someone you hold very dear to your heart.”

Apart from expressing their support, some followers asked Jinger where her daughter, Felicity, was, while others wondered who took the photo. But overall, the reaction was very positive and it is hard to deny that the two are sweet together.

That said, there were some fans who thought Jinger was hiding a little something extra in the post and might be pregnant with her second child.

‘Counting On’ fans think Jinger Duggar is pregnant again

Quite a few fans were quick to ask Jinger if she is pregnant. More than likely, the questions arose because Jinger was wearing a long, baggy coat in the pic.

Jinger’s coat could easily hide a growing baby bump, though it is possible that the Counting On star just wanted to wear something a little extra comfortable for the walk.

This is not the first time Jinger Duggar has faced pregnancy rumors. According to Cafe Mom, Jinger sparked similar speculation in March when she added the hashtag, #healthyfitpregnancy, to one of her posts.

Jinger has since deleted the hashtag and has yet to comment on why she included it in the post. The Duggars are pretty accustomed to pregnancy rumors and Jinger will likely face plenty more in the future.

Jinger welcomed her first child with Jeremy in the summer of 2018. The Duggars are no strangers to large families, so it would not be a huge shocker if Jinger announced another pregnancy soon.

Jinger rocks some skinny jeans in new video

Jinger Duggar has worn jeans on several occasions, but Counting On fans still cannot get enough seeing her in pants. In a recent Instagram Q&A session, Jinger made fans very happy by displaying a new pair of skinny jeans.

In the session, Jinger and Jeremy discussed what they have been doing during the lockdown and revealed which TV shows they are currently binging. Fans, however, focused on Jinger’s attire and most people reacted positively to Jinger’s decision to wear jeans.

“Love our outfit Jinger,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Cute jeans.”

Jinger Duggar and her family are currently living in LA while Jeremy finishes his degree at a local seminary school. The couple has been adhering to medical advice by wearing masks and staying home.

They have also been updating fans with regular posts on social media. We do not know if they will do another Q&A session on Instagram but fans would not be disappointed if they did.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo open up about their hobbies

Speaking of social distancing, Jinger and Jeremy opened up about some hobbies they have been working on amid the current crisis.

Jeremy revealed that he is an avid journal writer and has been journaling regularly since 2011. According to TV Show Ace, the Counting On star revealed that writing lets his “mind run free while the ink tries to catch up.”

Jinger Duggar, meanwhile, shared how she has been finishing a lot of puzzles during the lockdown. Jeremy is not a big fan of puzzles, but he has been helping out as a means to spend quality time with his wife.

The two have also been watching more TV than usual, which is probably true for many households at the moment. The couple’s favorite show right now is The Great British Bake Off, though they cannot wait to start watching Madam Secretary.

TLC has not revealed when the new season of Counting On will premiere, but fans can watch Jinger Duggar in previous seasons on Hulu.