‘Counting On’ Fans Think John and Abbie Duggar Look So Happy In New Family Photo: ‘John Is Head Over Heels’

John and Abbie Duggar have been married since 2018, and they star alongside the rest of the Duggar family on Counting On. The two tend to keep a lower profile than some of the other Duggars; their storyline isn’t as prominent on the show. Still, fans have grown to love them, and their recent photo might confirm they’re one of the happiest Duggar couples.

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett
John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett | John and Abbie Duggar via Instagram

John and Abbie Duggar wed back in 2018

When John and Abbie started courting, they were already a bit further along in life than most of John’s siblings had been. It’s not uncommon for the Duggars to wed in their early twenties, though John didn’t start courting Abbie until he was 28. The two were engaged quickly and planned a wedding for November 2018.

Abbie was born and raised in Oklahoma, and while she’s very religious, she wasn’t raised with the same strict rules as other family members. Abbie went to school to become a nurse; Duggar women aren’t typically allowed to hold jobs. She also wears pants, while Duggar women were raised to only wear skirts and dresses.

The couple welcomed their first child earlier this year

John and Abbie didn’t start a family right away. Although it’s common for Duggars to become pregnant on the honeymoon, these two opted to spend some time as a married couple before starting a family. The two vacationed to Finland, then took time to do mission work in Asia before starting a family.

In August 2019, nine months after they wed, the couple announced a pregnancy. They welcomed their daughter, Grace Annette, in January 2020, and the two have loved showing her off on social media.  

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John and Abbie’s family photo had fans gushing

The couple has been documenting their life as a family for fans to see, though they don’t post as much as other Duggar couples. Still, they mark all of Grace’s one-month milestones with a photo, and, most recently, the two uploaded a photo with their little family — and fans loved to see them so happy.

“John is head over heels in love. You see it all over his face,” one user wrote. “You guys are my favorite!” another person commented. “How cute and happy you all are,” someone else added. People also commented on how adorable they find the couple’s daughter.

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Fans think these two will take things more slowly than the others   

John and Abbie defied Duggar tradition by waiting longer than usual to have kids. And some think these two aren’t in a rush to complete with Jim Bob and Michelle and have 19 children. Abbie had her first child at 27, which is late for most Duggar women, and she once laughed at the thought of having as many kids as her in-laws. Abbie also dealt with severe morning sickness during her first pregnancy, but it’s unclear if that could affect how many kids she wants.