‘Counting On’ Fans Think Joseph and Kendra Duggar’s Baby Looks Just Like One of Them

Joseph and Kendra Duggar recently welcomed the newest addition to their family: a baby girl. Their daughter, Addison, was born in November 2019, and the couple just posted a photo celebrating the little girl’s two-month milestone. The post showed a smiling baby, and fans couldn’t help but think that Addison looks just like one of her parents.

Joe and Kendra Duggar
Joe and Kendra Duggar | LittleDuggarFamily via Instagram

Some fans were surprised when Joe and Kendra announced another pregnancy

Joe and Kendra tied the knot back in September 2017, and they didn’t wait long to start a family. Actually, the couple welcomed their first son, Garrett, just 39 weeks after they wed, which makes it clear that the two got pregnant on their honeymoon. Fans were surprised by the timing, but they were also shocked when Kendra and Joe announced another pregnancy before Garrett had even turned one. Some were concerned that Kendra was too young to already be pumping out children, but it seems to be the Duggar way of doing things.

Kendra went through a difficult birth with Addison

TLC decided to film Kendra’s daughter’s birth for a Duggar special, and in the beginning of Kendra’s labor, she was feeling fine; the camera crew even remarked that she seemed so calm. But as the labor grew more intense and her contractions became more painful, the birth became more difficult.

The hardest part of Kendra’s delivery was that her doctor was nowhere to be found; he was delivering another baby, and the nurse kept telling Kendra not to push until the doctor had arrived. After waiting too long, the nurse ended up delivering Kendra’s baby for her. Though it was tough for Kendra, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Later, she told Joe that she felt like she was going to die during the delivery.

Fans think Addison looks just like Kendra

Joe and Kendra recently posted a photo of their daughter to Instagram to mark the two-month milestone. “This happy girl is two months old now,” they wrote. Fans instantly saw the resemblance between Addison and her mother.

“Aww I see her mommy’s face lol she is all Kendra,” one person commented. “She looks like Mommy!!!” someone else wrote. “Looks like her Momma,” another person added. Addison’s features will develop more over time, and her appearance might change to look more like her father. But for now, people love how much she resembles her mom.

Some think Joe and Kendra will have the most kids in the family

Though Kendra had an unpleasant birth due to problems with the doctor, it likely won’t stop the two from having more kids. Many fans actually think that Joe and Kendra will have the most kids out of any of the Duggar siblings. The two wed when Kendra was only 19, and they started having kids right away, which suggests they want to have as many as possible. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have 19 kids, but some even think Joe and Kendra might surpass that, since they started having babies so young.