‘Counting On’ Fans Think Kendra Duggar Looks ‘Amazing’ In Her Recent Instagram Photo

Joe and Kendra Duggar are fan favorites on Counting On. The two wed back in 2017, and they’ve since welcomed two kids. And although fans have been concerned about Kendra having children so young, it seems clear that she and Joe are very much in love.

Kendra recently posted a photo to their Instagram account celebrating their daughter’s 5-month milestone, and fans thought Kendra looked better than ever.

Joe and Kendra Duggar
Joe and Kendra Duggar | LittleDuggarFamily via Instagram

Fans believe Joe and Kendra Duggar are the ‘happiest’ Duggar couple

When it comes to Duggar marriages, some people have mixed feelings. On the one hand, the Duggars always seem to show a lot of love to their spouses on social media. But on the other hand, some of the relationships seem too good to be true. Some fans have suspected that the Duggar marriages are arranged — or at least some of them — and that the Duggars aren’t as in love with their spouses as they claim to be.

For Joe and Kendra, though, it’s the opposite. Fans once took to Reddit to discuss the Duggar marriages, and Joe and Kendra seemed to win the unanimous no. 1 spot for the Duggar couple that is the most in love.

Kendra has already had two kids at age 21

Though Joe and Kendra both have gentle, sweet demeanors, fans haven’t always been thrilled with them. They might be in love, but some have grown concerned with the rate at which Kendra is having kids. She and Joe wed in September 2017, and by June 2018 (nine months later) they had welcomed their first child. The two announced a second pregnancy before their first son had even turned one, and Kendra was already a mother of two shortly after her 21st birthday.

Fans thought she was glowing in her last photo

Despite the criticism, people do still love these two, and fans thought Kendra looked better than ever in her recent Instagram post. “I love your smile Kendra,” one user wrote. “Wow Kendra you look amazing… Are u losing weight?” someone else asked. Though the comment was a bit brash, Kendra did look more grown up than ever in the picture.

Fans thought Kendra was glowing in her recent photo.

Kendra has always been healthy looking, but she’s always had a very young face — and fans seemed to think that she is finally starting to look a bit more mature. Reddit users likened her to a “teen mom” in a recent thread, though. 

Many think they’ll have more kids than Michelle and Jim Bob

Joe and Kendra have already welcomed two kids in two years, and fans don’t think it will stop there. Right now, they’re on pace to have more kids than Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar (who have 19), though we suspect it might not be quite that many. Still, though, the two announced their second pregnancy when their first child was only about 10 months old. With Addison, their second child, turning five months recently, it could make sense that the two might announce baby no. 3 sometime this year.