‘Counting On’ Fans Will Be Shocked By The Amount Of Duggar Tattoos – Does Jim Bob Even Have Some Ink?

The world of Counting On is extremely conservative, especially when it comes to what the Duggar kids are allowed to do with their bodies. But, is it possible that some members of the family have rebelled by getting tattoos?

'Counting On' stars the Duggar kids
‘Counting On’ stars the Duggar kids | Photo by Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Some ‘Counting On’ fans believe Jim Bob Duggar has some ink

Jim Bob Duggar is the Counting On patriarch, and he rules his home with an iron fist. The Duggars wouldn’t be “the Duggars” if it weren’t for Jim Bob’s religious beliefs and his fundamentalist approach to life.

However, last year, the family posted a pic on Facebook of Jim Bob holding his grandson Mason Garrett – Josh and Anna’s youngest child (for now) – and some fans started wondering if Jim Bob has a tattoo. While this may seem like a crazy Duggar fan theory, there is a small possibility that it’s true.

In the picture, Jim Bob’s wedding ring is extremely dark, and it was an image Counting On fans hadn’t seen before. Of course, Jim Bob always wears his wedding ring, but in this pic, it was so different that some fans thought that it was a ring tattoo instead of a piece of jewelry.

Jill Duggar won’t make the commitment

Jim Bob’s daughter and former Counting On star Jill has a bit of a rebellious streak in her that emerged after she married Derick Dillard. The 28-year-old regularly wears pants, heels, and skirts that hit above the knee, and she even got her nose pierced.

A couple of years ago, Jill shocked Counting On fans when she posted pictures with baby Samuel and displayed some ink on her hand. However, according to In Touch Weekly, it turned out to be a henna tattoo that she got at her church’s winter fair. It was gone before fans were finished slamming her on social media for inking herself in a way that is associated with the Islamic religion.

However, the nose piercing was legit, and she still wears the stud from time to time.

Jeremy Vuolo used to party hard

Before he became a pastor and married Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo led a very un-Duggar-like life. The former professional soccer player attended a secular college where he admittedly partied hard. He was arrested for physically harassing a police officer, and he also got a tattoo on the inside of his upper right arm.

When he first married Jinger, Counting On fans did their best to try and read the line of text written in permanent ink, but they could never get a good look at it. And now, it appears Vuolo had the tattoo removed, or else he has gotten really good at hiding it.

If he got it removed after becoming a born-again Christian it could be because the Bible told him to do so.

“Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord,” reads Leviticus 19:28.

Cousin Amy Duggar has always done things her own way

One person in the family that Counting On fans can always rely on for a little rebellion is Cousin Amy. Since her days appearing on 19 Kids & Counting with her famous cousins, she has moved on, settled down, and she is currently expecting her first baby.

Cousin Amy and her husband, Dillon King, got matching tattoos on their forearms after their wedding that read “rest in the storm.” Dillon has few tattoos, but this was Amy’s first.

She told People Magazine that the tattoos are a constant reminder that even when their relationship gets tough, “there’s always rest and peace in God through our walk in life.”

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC in October.