‘Counting On’: Followers Notice That Jennifer and Jordyn Duggar Look Absolutely Miserable In a Recent Video

John and Abbie Duggar welcomed their first daughter together in January 2020. While the Duggar family was elated to welcome yet another Duggar grandchild, critics who follow the family closely have noticed that not everyone seemed too happy. At least, they weren’t pleased to appear in a video about the entire ordeal. A video clip, which appeared in John and Abbie’s birth special, has raised concerns about the youngest members of the Duggar family.

Several Duggar girls appeared in a video to offer an update on Abbie’s labor

In an exclusive video released on TLC’s official website, viewers were encouraged to follow along as John and Abbie welcomed their first child together. The couple opted for a hospital birth, and while the majority of the Duggars stayed home while Abbie labored, six of the girls decided to head out to give the couple their support.

Jana Duggar, John’s twin sister, arrived at the hospital with Johanna Duggar, Jordyn Duggar, Jennifer Duggar, Josie Duggar, and Mackynzie Duggar. Mackynzie is Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar’s oldest child. During Abbie’s lengthy labor, Jana and the rest of the Duggar girls appeared in a video clip to discuss Abbie’s progress. Jana did most of the talking, but Jordyn and Jennifer’s body language made some Duggar followers feel uneasy.

Two Duggar girls, in particular, look pretty unhappy about appearing in the video

While the birth special was all about the arrival of Grace Annette Duggar, the body language of Jennifer and Jordyn Duggar set most people on edge. Both girls appear absolutely miserable. Jennifer, 12, is standing between her two older sisters, Jana and Johanna, as Jana speaks about Abbie’s progress. She never smiles, never looks at anyone speaking, and remains almost perfectly still, as if she is petrified to be on camera.

Jordyn didn’t look particularly thrilled either. Jordyn, who is less than one year older than Josie Duggar, stands pretty stiffly during the video and only turns to look at Jana. She never smiles during the clip, either. According to Pop Culture, fans are seriously concerned about Jordyn’s current state and worry she’s been overlooked because of her close birthday to Josie, who was born a micro-preemie.

Duggar family followers have long been concerned about Jordyn and Jennifer Duggar

The video may be the most recent evidence to suggest Jordyn and Jennifer, in particular, aren’t thriving inside the ultra-conservative Christian household, but it’s not the first. Back in 2017, fans were especially concerned when a video of Jordyn’s 9th birthday surfaced. In the video, Jordyn instinctively covered her chest and appeared to flinch every time either one of her parents touched her. The video was so jarring that many followers wondered if physical abuse was going on inside the home.

A video of Jennifer has also caused concern. Years before Derick Dillard started speaking out against the Duggar family, he inadvertently filmed an exchange between Michelle Duggar and her daughter, Jennifer, for Facebook Live. In the video, Michelle is seen seemingly berating the young Duggar, before stomping away from her. Her demeanor changes as soon as she noticed Derick is filming, but followers were more concerned with the behavior of Jennifer. She appears to cower away from her mother during the exchange. Critics considered the video evidence of abuse inside the home. At the very least, it proved that Michelle isn’t nearly as sweet as she portrays herself on camera.