‘Counting On’: Former Duggar Family Employee Confirms Jim Bob Duggar Has a Lot to Hide

Derick Dillard’s ongoing feud with Jim Bob Duggar is taking a toll on the Counting On family. Derick is currently working on a tell-all memoir about his time on the show, and a former Duggar family employee claims that Jim Bob is living in fear about what his son-in-law might reveal. With Jim Bob reportedly preparing for legal action, here’s everything the employee had to say about the Duggars.

Counting On Jim Bob Duggar
‘Counting On’s’ Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar | Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Jill Duggar finds herself in the middle of a feud

Over the past year, Derick has accused Jim Bob of some shady dealings regarding his children and the series. He took things to the next level a few months ago when he claimed to be working on a tell-all book about Jim Bob’s behavior.

Some of the more controversial accusations include the idea that Jim Bob takes all of the money from the show. Derick has also claimed that Jim Bob does not allow him and Jill to visit the Duggar family compound without permission.

Jim Bob has remained silent against the accusations. While fans continue to speculate about what is really going on between Derick and Jim Bob Duggar, Jill Duggar has found herself in the middle of their growing feud.

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Sources say that Jill has been very supportive of Derick, though she has asked both sides to leave her out of it. This has led to some speculation that Jill wants nothing to do with whatever Derick is planning on revealing.

Derick has confirmed that he is writing the memoir, though it will be a while before he finishes it. The former Counting On star is currently finishing his law degree and does not have a lot of time to work on the book.

A former Duggar family employee slams Jim Bob Duggar

Depending on what Derick plans on revealing, his tell-all could have devastating effects on Jim Bob and Michelle’s bottom line. According to The Hollywood Gossip, a former employee of the family revealed that Jim Bob is afraid of what Derick will include in his memoir because he has a lot to hide.

“He’s definitely gonna do his book, and when he does his book, Jim Bob is done. He is done,” the source shared.

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The insider added that Jim Bob is taking steps to prevent Derick from publishing the book. This includes getting a legal team together to stop his son-in-law before he finishes the project.

Apart from the money issues, the source believes Derick will discuss how Jim Bob managed Josh Duggar’s molestations scandals. A few years ago, documents came to light that revealed Josh had molested five underage girls, some of whom were his siblings.

Jim Bob did his best to cover up the scandal. When it finally came to light, TLC opted to cancel 19 Kids and Counting, a move that prompted Jim Bob to take over the original show’s spin-off, Counting On.

Has Jim Bob Duggar cut-off Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard?

It is no secret that many of the Duggar children work for Jim Bob in some capacity. But between their departure from Counting On and Derick’s ongoing feud with Jim Bob, fans are convinced that they have been officially cut off.

Derick’s recent photo of himself as a Grub Hub deliveryman seemingly backs up this theory. The image features Derick holding a Grub Hub bag while smiling for the camera.

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After the post, fans speculated that Jim Bob has stopped giving Jill and Derick money as a way to punish them for rebelling against the family.

Considering how Derick has accused Jim Bob of stealing money from his own children, it is safe to assume that the couple is no longer on her dad’s payroll.

TLC has not revealed when Jim Bob Duggar and the rest of his famous family will return for a new season of Counting On.