‘Counting On’: How Many of Anna Duggar’s Siblings Have Left the Family’s Ministry?

Anna Duggar is committed to her man. She’s made it abundantly clear that she’s not leaving Josh Duggar no matter what, and fans have resigned themselves to that fact. The mother of six, who was raised in an ultra-conservative Christian sect, remains devout in her religious beliefs, and those beliefs indicate that she can not leave her marriage for any reason. Some sympathizers have argued that Anna can’t leave because she wouldn’t have support if she did, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Anna has several siblings that are no longer members of the ultra-conservative Christian ministry that the Duggars belong to. Anna and Josh just attended the wedding of one of them, actually.

Anna Duggar’s younger sister, Susanna just got married

Duggar family followers may have noticed that Josh and Anna attended a family wedding recently. The bride, who happens to look just like Anna, might be familiar to fans who have followed the family for years. Susanna Bridges, the younger sister of Anna, was featured on 19 Kids and Counting during Josh and Anna’s courtship. She served as a chaperone for the couple on more than one occasion, actually.

After appearing on the show, Susanna moved out of her parent’s home and began living an independent life. In 2011 she appeared on social media to announce an engagement. That engagement ended for unknown reasons.  Unmarried, Susanna gave birth to a daughter, Noelle Keller, in 2013. The father of that child is unknown, and she carries Susanna’s maiden name.

Susanna is now officially married to a man named York Bridges, according to People. Little is known about their relationship or how they met, but it’s clear a courtship wasn’t what brought the pair together. Based on social media postings, Susanna’s daughter is enrolled in public school, takes part in extracurricular activities, and is not being raised in the same strict upbringing as the Duggars or the Keller kids.

Anna’s older brother publicly offered to support Anna and her children if she left her husband

Susanna isn’t the only rebel in the Keller family. Daniel Keller, the family’s eldest son, has been estranged from his parents for years and does not adhere to the Keller family’s religious beliefs. He has been the most outspoken of the siblings and publicly offered to take Anna and her children in if she wished to leave Josh following his back-to-back scandals in 2015.

Daniel even took to Jessa Duggar’s Facebook page to speak out about the situation. He interacted with several commenters on the post and stated that he had spoken directly with Anna and offered her financial support. He also revealed that his parents were advising Anna to stay with Josh regardless of what he had done. Daniel and his wife divorced in 2016. They were married for eight years and share one child.

Anna’s older sister is divorced and no longer a member of the church

Rebekah Hunt, Anna’s older sister, has left the movement as well. In 2015, Rebekah filed for divorce from her husband of 11 years, Josh McDonald.  Rebekah, who has almost no social media footprint of her own, is pictured in several photos with her family wearing pants. She shares two children with her first husband. Rebekah has since remarried.

There are eight children in the Keller family and at least three have left the ministry, leaving Anna with plenty of options to leave if she genuinely wanted to. While her sisters, Priscilla and Esther, are both deeply involved in the family’s religious movement, she would not be without help. Anna’s younger brother, Nathan, is currently courting, and it looks like he will also stay within the religious sect. The family’s youngest child, David, turned 21 in July 2019. Little is known about the youngest Keller boy or his plans moving forward.