‘Counting On’: Is Ben Seewald Planning to Write a Book?

There has been a lot of noise coming out of the Duggar camp in recent weeks. The family announced their upcoming season of Counting On, Jinger Duggar announced a pregnancy and a new podcast, and Derick Dillard has continued to talk openly about his disdain for Jim Bob Duggar. Derick has, for several months, teased a tell-all book that, according to sources, could topple Jim Bob’s media empire. He isn’t the only Duggar son-in-law who fancies himself a writer, though. Ben Seewald has added some information to his Instagram profile recently. He appears to be using the same creative agency as Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger and seems to think he is a writer. So, will Ben be penning a tell-all, too? Probably not, but a book isn’t out of the question.

Ben Seewald is working with the same creative agency as Jinger and Jeremy

Jinger and Jeremy have apparently joined forces with a creative agency. In recent weeks, the duo has added information about where to contact them in their Instagram profiles. According to the information, all business inquiries should go to an email address associated with The Gift Shoppe, a creative agency that has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Ben Seewald, Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, Jana Duggar, John David Duggar, Josiah Duggar and Joseph Duggar sit down for an Interview for 'Good Morning America'
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Jinger and Jeremy aren’t the only couple working with the agency, though. Ben and Jessa Duggar have added the same contacts to their Instagram profiles. Strangely enough, the married partners don’t share the same agency contact. Jessa and Jeremy both indicate business inquiries should go to someone named Aaron at the agency. Ben, who married Jessa in 2014, and Jinger, who married Jeremy in 2016, on the other hand, are asking interested parties to contact someone named Jeremy at the same agency.

Why is Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar working with a creative agency?

Jessa and Ben’s connection to the same creative agency as Jeremy and Jinger shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Jinger and Jessa are the closest Duggar kids. While some family followers think most of the Duggar kids either actively resent each other or are just not close, Jinger and Jessa’s bond is unmistakable. In fact, Jessa and Ben set Jinger up with her now-husband. But what is Ben planning to do now that he’s partnered with an agency?

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Some family critics think he’s going to write a book. Ben, a father of three, claims he enjoys reading and has allegedly studied to become a pastor, so a book would be a logical leap. His wife is also an author. She penned a book with three of her siblings about her life growing up inside the Duggar household. If family critics are hoping for a tell-all from Ben, though, it seems unlikely to happen.

Why won’t Ben Seewald write a tell-all book?

Ben and Jessa are one of several Duggar couples that are entirely dependent on Jim Bob to make ends meet. Ben has not held a traditional job since he moved from his family’s home to be closer to Jessa. During the couple’s five-year marriage, he’s worked exclusively for Jim Bob, and family followers think Jessa has taken over dealing with the family’s branding and image.

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Simply put, Ben and Jessa are likely the Duggar couple who are benefiting the most from Jim Bob’s system of doling out cash. It seems unlikely that Ben would compromise the steady stream of money they are said to enjoy for a one-off book deal, especially since his family continues to grow. Unlike Derick, Ben doesn’t appear to have any transferable skills that he could use to support his family, so it seems likely that he’ll try to stay on Jim Bob’s good side for as long as possible.