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Jill Duggar has emerged as the family rebel, a label that many family followers never saw coming. For years, it looked like Jinger Duggar would be the family member to make a break for it. In the end, Jill looks like she’s the sibling that is straying the furthest from the family’s status quo. There might be a reason for that, though. Jill doesn’t seem to enjoy a particularly close relationship with many of her siblings. Maybe that’s something new, or, perhaps, it was always true.

Jessa and Jinger are deeply bonded

Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger were all born between 1990 and 1993. The sisters are so close in age that you would assume they would all be super tight, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, Jill appears to be the odd sister out, and it’s possible that was always the case.

Jessa and Jinger enjoy an incredibly close relationship, even as adults. Jinger, who moved more than 1500 miles away from her home base, has spoken lovingly of Jessa on multiple occasions, and it appears as though Jessa makes a concerted effort to remain connected to her sister, regardless of the distance. That same doesn’t seem to be true with Jill, at least not publicly.

Jana, on the other hand, appears to connect with her brothers. Jana and her twin brother, John-David Duggar, are incredibly close, and she seems to have bonded with his wife, Abbie Burnett, too. Jana has also mentioned having a close relationship with several of her younger brothers, too.  Jill, however, is rarely mentioned by Jana, and family followers presume the duo are distant, at best, even though they were born within 18 months of each other.

Jill does seem to connect with Joy-Anna

While Jill doesn’t seem to enjoy a close relationship with many of her siblings, there is one Duggar kid willing to call Jill out publicly. Joy-Anna Duggar has spoken openly about her connection to Jill. Family followers note that the bond likely has something to do with the fact that Jill served as Joy-Anna’s “buddy” during her formative years.

Michelle Duggar has all but admitted she expected her older children to raise the younger ones. While Joy and Jill are only six years apart in age, it seems as though Jill pretty much served as Joy’s parent for many years. Even still, family followers note that Jill and Joy rarely appear to be in the same room together. It’s hard to say if that’s a choice that Jill has made, or if Jim Bob Duggar has widely suggested the rest of the Duggar kids steer clear of the Dillard family.

She has found a friend in Amy Duggar

Amy Duggar knows a little something about being a rebel. The mother of one and small business owner has never subscribed to the Duggar family’s brand of Christianity and has mostly marched to the beat of her own drummer.  Her more mainstream beliefs allegedly kept her at arm’s length from her cousins for many years.    

That seems to have changed now that the Duggars are adults. Jill and Amy appear to have a deep connection, and Amy has even taken to social media to defend her cousin more than once. Amy has also become a  bit of a cheerleader for Derick Dillard. Derick, who married Jill in 2014, has been speaking openly about family issues.