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Josiah Duggar, once a rebel, has seemingly fallen in line with the Duggar family’s preferred existence. Now married, Josiah, is the father of one child, and, by the looks of it, doesn’t do much else. In fact, followers of the family think that Josiah may be the laziest Duggar boy out there, as he doesn’t even appear to have a family-provided job any longer. So, what exactly is Josiah up to these days, and is he the laziest Duggar?

Does Josiah Duggar have a job?

Josiah, once upon a time, appeared to be working at a car lot, owned and operated by his family. The reality TV stars have managed used car lots for years. In fact, it’s the job that Josh Duggar held when he first married Anna Duggar. It is also the job that he returned to when he left Washington D.C. amid two scandals.

Now, however, the car lots have been shuttered, and no one in the greater Northwest Arkansas area can pin down precisely what Josiah does for a living. Family opponents on Reddit have theorized that he actually doesn’t have a family job, and instead, spends the majority of his time sitting around. If that’s the case, where exactly is he getting his money?

Josiah and Lauren live in a Duggar-owned property

While every adult needs to make money to get by, the Duggar kids seem to need less than most. That’s because the majority of the Duggar kids are living in houses that are owned and funded by their parents. It is also believed that they are provided allowances for working on family projects, like flipping houses and tutoring. Josiah and Lauren currently reside in a house that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar own. They have yet to buy the property, and it’s assumed that Jim Bob pays the expenses on the home in exchange for Josiah’s cooperation.

Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, purchased their home from Jim Bob and Michelle for just $10 after living in a camper for more than a year. Jessa and Ben Seewald also lived in a Duggar-owned property following their 2014 wedding. They purchased the home for $100,000 in 2017. Anna and Josh are believed to be residing inside a warehouse on the Duggar property. In fact, the only Duggar offspring that is living in a home not provided for her by her parents is Jill Duggar.

Is Josiah Duggar depressed?

While some fans believe that Josiah is merely lazy, others are concerned that the 23-year-old is depressed. Family followers note that Josiah, once pretty spunky and extroverted, has mellowed considerably in recent years. His marriage to Lauren Swanson is believed to be the catalyst for his new, toned-down personality.

During their short marriage, family followers have voiced their concerns about the union. Not only do many believe that Josiah was all but forced to marry his young bride, but fans also seem to think the duo engage in some pretty toxic behavior, now that they are officially married.

Whether or not Josiah is depressed is unknown. The father of one has never spoken about mental health, and likely never will. Whether he finds his lack of gainful employment, demoralizing remains unknown, as well.