‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Finally Addressed Those Rumors About Being a Lesbian

There are two ways to handle rumors: denying them outright and completely ignoring them. And Jana Duggar, the eldest unmarried daughter of the famed Duggar family, is finally speaking out after maintaining tight-lipped silence for years.

This isn’t the first time Jana Duggar has faced rumors of being same-sex attracted in the recent past. Fans and news sources speculate about the possibility simply because it would be absolutely scandalous – in the Duggar’s strict fundamentalist Christian faith, homosexuality is seen as a grave sin and is not accepted. There’s little chance of Jana Duggar bringing a girlfriend home for dinner – it’s more likely she’d be ostracized from the clan.

Why do people think Jana Duggar might be a lesbian?

There are a couple clues that led people to think Jana Duggar could be avoiding marriage because she isn’t interested in men. The biggest reason is that all of Jana’s younger sisters of marrying age have already gotten hitched by now – but she hasn’t. Now that Jana just turned 29, she’s far older than the average age that Duggar daughters become wives and mothers. It all leaves fans questioning why.

In the Duggar household, children don’t just date around, live together, and test the waters before getting engaged. Instead, family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar often plays a huge role in the spouse selection process, vetting potential suitors and approving them before the pair starts spending (supervised) time together. It’s not as rigid as arranged marriages – both intended spouses have the ultimate veto power and can say no if they don’t click.

Jana has always said she’s still single because the right guy hasn’t come along yet. Inside Duggar sources confirm that Jana has dabbled in courting before, but none of those relationships ever made it past the getting-to-know-you phase. And now Jana even admitted she’s courted more than one person.

What did Jana Duggar say about the rumors?

People don’t just think they figured out a “why” for Jana Duggar’s prolonged singlehood – they also think they know “who.” As a single lady, Jana spends a lot of time with her best friend, Laura DeMasie. Fans already knew that from watching the show but now that Jana signed up for Instagram, it’s becoming apparent how much love the two have for each other. It all leaves skeptics wondering – is that love strictly platonic, or something more?

Jana directly addressed the rumors on the social media platform. In response to yet another fan comment speculating on her sexuality and whether she and Laura are in a romantic relationship, Jana Duggar replied, “No. And I would like to stop that rumor. I have no interest in girls that way whatsoever.”

Jana Duggar
Jana Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

Will Jana Duggar get married soon?

Fans were freaking out over the trailer for the latest season of Counting On for several reasons, but one of the most telling was a teaser that made it seem like Jana might be announcing a courtship soon. She’s been linked with Lawson Bates (though he denied they courted) in the past.

As for herself, Jana said she’s waiting for the right guy to come along and trusting in the universe and God’s timing. Remember, her twin brother John David Duggar just got married at the end of last year, and people weren’t speculating that he was gay. Seems like a sexist double standard to make those kind of assumptions, no?

Now Jana has said it in her own words – she and Laura are just friends, she’s not interested in women, and she’ll get married when she wants to. Period.