‘Counting On’: Why Jana Duggar Has the Best Life Out of All the Siblings

Jana Duggar is the oldest Duggar daughter, and at 30, it’s unusual for a Duggar to still be unmarried and living at home. However, this has proven to be the case for Jana, who has yet to enter into a courtship and marry the way most of her of-age siblings have. Though some people feel sorry for Jana’s situation because she has very little independence, she also arguably lives the best life of any of her 18 other siblings.

Jana Duggar and sisters
Jana Duggar (far right) with her sisters Jessa, Jinger, and Jill | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The Duggars tend to marry young and have kids right away

In the Duggar family, young marriage is encouraged. Some of the Duggars have married partners as young as 18, and the couples often start having children right away — many become pregnant on their honeymoon. As soon as the kids turn 18, they can start courting at any time. But Jana hasn’t followed the same path as many of her siblings. The oldest Duggar daughter has, instead, remained unmarried for all of her teens and 20s. Now that she’s 30, though, some fans think it’s this year or never in terms of finding a husband.

Jana recently celebrated her 30th birthday — and is still single and living at home

Jana celebrated her birthday alongside her twin brother, John David, on January 12. Like his sister, John remained unmarried for most of his 20s, but he tied the knot with Abbie Burnett back in November 2018. Since then, the two have welcomed their first child, and Michelle and Jim Bob have a total of 15 grandchildren.

Jana has remained under her parents’ roof all 30 years, and she even admitted that she still shares a room with her younger sisters (she prefers it that way, though).

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Jana has no freedom from her parents, but she’s not tied down with kids

Though Jana has very little true freedom (she recently took a trip to Las Vegas and, as expected, her father accompanied her), but she actually might have a better living situation than most of her siblings. According to one Reddit user, Jana might live the way she does because she’s actually trying to avoid being bogged down with kids.

“I think she’s now in a place where she is very happy — she has a lot of power in the family, has a relatively high degree of autonomy… No longer has to be involved with taking care of babies 24/7, and doesn’t have to worry about an abusive husband, having no money, or being perpetually pregnant,” someone suggested. Though it seems odd, living under her parents’ roof might be the best tradeoff for having an essentially worry-free life.

It seems likely that Jana might never wed

Now that Jana has hit her third decade of life, it’s becoming more and more clear that she might never wed. And whether she does or not, it’s likely on her own terms. It’s possible that Jana is very comfortable with her life and doesn’t have any interest in meeting “the one.” Or, she might simply not have found the right person. Maybe she never will, but either way, she seems to have a pretty good situation going on at home.