‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Defends Her Family, Basically Calls Derick Dillard a Liar

The drama between the Duggar family and the Dillard family seems to be heating up again. Over the last 12 months, Derick Dillard has made it clear that he is more than happy to call out the Duggar family whenever he sees fit. His wife, Jill Duggar, has also grown more outspoken as 2020 comes to a close. For the most part, the Duggar family has stayed quiet about what has been happening. One Duggar, however, isn’t willing to remain silent any longer. Jessa Duggar took to social media to defend her family, and, in the process, basically called Derick and Jill liars.

The Duggar family was lambasted by followers after they hosted multiple Holiday parties

The Duggar family has been seriously angering followers in recent weeks. The supersized family has completely ignored Coronavirus rules and regulations to host massive family get-togethers, and the holiday season was no different. In November, the Duggar hosted a “fall festival” that brought together most of the family’s 19 children. In December, an ugly Christmas sweater party, a girls-only wreath-making party, and a Christmas gift exchange all took place inside the family’s home.

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Fans were quick to point out that the Duggars were ignoring many of the guidelines that have been shown to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Not everyone was on hand for the fall festivities, though. Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, hung back in California, where they live. Justin Duggar, who announced his engagement to Claire Spivey moments after he turned 18, opted to enjoy the holiday elsewhere, too. Finally, Derick, Jill, and their two sons were unsurprisingly absent from the family events.  

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar insist they weren’t invited to the celebrations

While Derick and Jill have been more careful about the Coronavirus than the rest of Jill’s family, the pair insist they weren’t at the Duggar family’s holiday events because they were not invited. In a social media reply, Derick noted that he and his wife were not on hand at the Duggar family compound for a series of events because they were never invited. 

The Duggar family visits 'Extra' in New York City
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Derick’s admission is nothing new. Over the last year, the law school student has lamented about Jill and her family’s fractured relationship. In one particularly honest moment, Derick noted that he and his wife stopped being invited to family events around the time they left Counting On. Since their reality TV departure, Jill has popped up in family photos very sparingly. On the other hand, Derick hasn’t attended a family event since 2017. Derick even noted that Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, also quit Counting On, but the pair was not ostracized for the decision.

Jessa insists that Jill and Derick aren’t being ostracized

While Derick has been outspoken about what happens behind the scenes at the Duggar house, he really hasn’t revealed anything that family critics haven’t long suspected. Jessa, however, wants to set the record straight. After a follower accused her family of purposefully leaving Jill and Derick out of the family festivities, Jessa shot back. In the comments section of YouTube, Jessa stated that Jill and Derick were invited to all of the holiday events. She claimed they opted to spend time with Derick’s family instead. Jessa insists that no one is being cut out of the family.

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Family followers took one thing away from Jessa’s statement. It is clear that in defending her family, she is calling Derick and her sister liars. It isn’t the first time Jessa has gone on the defensive, either. Earlier in the year, Jessa posted lengthy YouTube videos about growing up with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The videos were uploaded shortly after Derick aired some of the family’s dirty laundry on both Twitter and Instagram. Some followers think Jim Bob has employed Jessa to do damage control. The theory doesn’t seem all that far-fetched.