‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Finally Lets Fans In On How She Gets Her Gorgeous Hair

One thing fans have always loved about the Duggar family is their long, thick hair. Jessa Duggar, specifically, always has hair that is perfectly curled, long, and looks healthy. Fans have wondered how she manages to style her hair to look so natural, and she finally let them in on the secrets of how she gets her gorgeous mane.

Jessa Duggar with Ivy Jane
Fans have always envied Jessa Duggar’s hair. | Jessa Duggar via Instagram

The Duggar women all have long hair

Though long hair is generally envied, the women don’t have long hair simply because they love it. Believe it or not, it has ties to their religion. The daughters revealed in their book, “Growing up Duggar,” that their long hair comes from their belief in a specific Biblical passage. The passage essentially says that men cannot have long hair; it’s a “disgrace” for men, but for women, is it “their glory” and “a covering,” according to the passage. Since the Bible sees long hair on women has a good thing, the Duggars have decided to keep their hair at a specific length.

The women are just starting to change up their look

Though all of the Duggars still have long hair, they are finally starting to change up their looks a bit as they get married and move out of their parents’ house. Jinger Duggar shocked fans when she dyed her hair blonde earlier this year — something none of the Duggars have ever done. And Joy Duggar also surprised fans when she got a new ‘do — she now has bangs. Still, though, none of the women have ever opted for short hair. For the most part, their hair looks healthy, so it doesn’t seem necessary for them to chop it off. It also seems that based on the Bible, that isn’t something any of them will ever do.

Jinger Duggar recently dyed her hair blonde.

Jessa Duggar just explained to fans how she gets her curly hair

Fans have always envied one thing about Jessa Duggar: her hair. And she finally recently made a video explaining how she gets such perfect curls. She said that her mom always used a homemade conditioning spray on her hair growing up, which helped keep her hair untangled and manageable. She uses a regular curling iron, but rather than open the iron and put her hair between the clamp, she uses the iron like a wand and simply wraps her hair around the outside of the iron. Duggar also has a slight layer to her hair but said she doesn’t like it too layered, since it can make the hair look thin at the ends. Once she’s done curling the hair, she adds hairspray, which holds it in place.

Duggar also mentioned that she only washes her hair every few days, and on those days when she doesn’t wash it, she’ll add argon oil to keep some shine.

The Duggars’ hair has become one of fans’ favorite things about them

Despite the Duggars’ strict dress code, they always manage to wear cute, trendy outfits. And aside from fans loving the family’s style, they also love their hair (hence why Jessa Duggar decided to make a video of her look). In a recent photo Michelle Duggar posted of her and Jinger Duggar, fans were obsessed with both the women’s hair. It’s not easy to have hair so long, yet all of the Duggars somehow manage to keep their hair shiny, healthy, and strong.