‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Reveals That Her Son, Henry, Is Completely Caught Up With His Speech

Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, had informed fans a while back that they were concerned with their middle child’s speech due to his lack of words. The couple’s son, Henry, was only saying a few words after age two, which prompted Duggar and Seewald to seek help from a professional. But now that he’s almost three, Duggar gave some positive news when a fan asked for an update.

Jessa Duggar's kids
Jessa Duggar’s son, Spurgeon, right, was having trouble with his speech. | Jessa Duggar via Instagram

Duggar was homeschooled and did not attend college

The Duggars think of education a bit differently than most Americans do. Michelle Duggar opted to homeschool her kids so that she could incorporate religion into their curriculum in ways that public schools never would. Then, once her oldest daughters were old enough to teach their younger siblings, they started to take over the homeschooling in addition to Michelle.

The Duggar kids also never attended college, so they only have a grade-school education. So far, though, it seems to be a dynamic that works for their family. And still noticed when her son’s speech seemed delayed.

She has given periodic updates on her son’s speech

After her middle child, Henry, turned two, Duggar started to notice that he wasn’t saying nearly as many words as he should have been at that point. It prompted Duggar and her husband to take Henry to see a speech pathologist, who noted that though he was behind, there didn’t seem to be any major issues with his hearing or anything that could be causing the problems.

Duggar and Seewald kept a close eye on their son, and Duggar said that it was concerning to think about Henry’s learning being affected. Back in January, Duggar gave an update to fans saying that her son was “really catching up.” Now that it’s been almost a year since their visit, a fan checked in to see how Henry was doing once more.

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She recently revealed that Henry is entirely caught up with his speech

When Duggar posted a photo of her daughter, Ivy Jane, saying the word “baby” at nine months old, someone asked for an update on Henry’s status — and Duggar gave good news. “Henry went from practically no words on his 2nd birthday, to being caught up now as he’s turning 3! Praising the Lord for this answer to our prayers,” Duggar wrote.

Fans replied to Duggar’s comment, sharing their own stories about their children having difficulty with speech but eventually catching up. Everyone seemed excited for Duggar’s son.

Duggar revealed in the comments of this photo that her son, Henry, is all caught up with his speech.

It’s unclear if she will choose to homeschool her kids

Though it appears Henry is doing much better with his speech, Duggar will likely keep an eye on his development as he gets older. And right now, it’s unclear whether she’ll choose to homeschool her kids or not. Duggar’s sister Jill Dillard recently announced that she had enrolled her son in public kindergarten.

If Duggar’s son needs more attention for his speech, it might make sense for him to attend public or private school as opposed to being homeschooled. But Duggar has not yet said what she’ll do in terms of education.