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Jessa Duggar offered her YouTube followers a quick home tour. While home tours are not particularly uncommon, Jessa decided to change things up to show her followers just how messy her tiny living space can get. Complete with a clip of a clogged toilet, Jessa took followers through the 1,000 square foot home she shares with her husband, Ben Seewald, and her three children, Spurgeon, Henry and Ivy Seewald. While some followers praised the mother of three for showing the reality of life with small kids, others were left wondering exactly when the family will upgrade to a house that is big enough for all of them, and any future Seewalds the family adds.

Jessa and Ben moved into the house in 2014

The tiny house has been in the Duggar family for years. According to property records, the house was purchased back in 2007 for $100,000. The house, which Josh Duggar and his wife Anna Duggar lived in when they first got married, sat vacant after the couple moved to Washington D.C for a job opportunity in 2013.

When Jessa married Ben in 2014, the tiny home was a logical move. With just over 1,000 square feet of living space, the property seemed like a perfect fit for two newlyweds. Three children later, and things are getting pretty cramped. The couple, however, decided to purchase the home from the Duggar family in  2017. They paid $100,000 for the property, exactly what the house was purchased for back in 2007,  according to Trulia.

Will the couple upgrade their living space?

Jessa has shared more than one video about how she cleans and organizes her space, but there really is only so much one can do in a tiny house inhabited by five people. In fact, the problem is likely to get worse as the couple’s three children age up and need more space to spread out. If the couple adds a fourth Seewald child to the mix, which seems likely, things are going to get even more chaotic.

So, will the couple upgrade their living space at some point? Neither Jessa nor Ben have mentioned moving recently, but it seems like an inevitability. Jessa, however, seems willing to hold out for as long as possible. In her video, she noted she is sentimental and loves the tiny space.

The two-bedroom house isn’t big enough to give the family the bedroom space they’ll eventually need, though. The Seewalds, like the Duggars, would never dream of having their daughter share a room with her brothers. With the master bedroom occupied by Jessa and Ben, and Spurgeon and Henry taking up residency in the home’s only other bedroom, they are one room short. When they will pack up and move is anyone’s guess, though.

The Duggar family has no shortage of properties around Northwest Arkansas

The Duggar family is known in their Northwest Arkansas neighborhood for buying up property. Some of the homes they purchase they renovate and sell. Other properties they keep and rent out and a few select homes are set aside for Duggar kids once they get married and begin families of their own.

While many Springdale, Arkansas residents seem to believe the Duggar family purchases property to curry favor with politicians, they seem to have another reason for the purchase. Not only does it allow Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to continue to control their adult children, but the price tag for absolute power isn’t too high. The family is known for purchasing properties that are primarily considered unsellable. Jessa and Ben’s current home, for example, backs up to a busy and dangerous highway. A recent video on Jessa’s YouTube account proves just how loud and intrusive the highway traffic can be.

The family also owns an expansive mansion that has sat unsold for months, and they have been busy purchasing swaths of land in the area, too. It’s possible that, at some point, another, larger Duggar property will be made available to Jessa and Ben, but there is no guarantee its location and features will be at all desirable.