‘Counting On’: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Finally Sell Their Expansive Mansion

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are as busy as ever. While several of their children have married and moved out of their expansive home in Springdale, Arkansas, the media-savvy couple isn’t slowing down. Aside from appearing on Counting On, Jim Bob has a pretty extensive real estate business going, and he just added a big sale to his list of achievements. Jim Bob has officially unloaded a mansion he purchased several years ago for a pretty tidy profit.

The Duggar family officially sells the Baylor Mansion

The Duggar family no longer has to worry about the upkeep on an expansive piece of property they owned in Arkansas. The Baylor Mansion, a large home inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, is officially sold. The house, built in the 1960s, has four separate kitchens, a massive stone patio, and a 3.5 car garage.

The mansion was never going to be an easy sell. In fact, it sat on the market for months, primarily because it’s size and price tag were seriously unique for the area. The average home in Springdale, Arkansas, sells for just $175,000. Even large homes, offering several acres of land and five bedrooms sell for a fraction of what the Duggars were asking for their mansion. The average sale price for a 5-bedroom property in Springdale is $389,000, according to Zillow, more than $1 million less than the sale price of the Baylor Mansion.

When did Jim Bob purchase the property?

Jim Bob purchased the home back in 2014, along with another property, for just over $300,000, according to Today. The property was bank-owned and had been neglected for some time. The Duggar family took to renovating the 10,000 square foot home with the intention of flipping it, but renovations took a long time.

In fact, they didn’t put the property on the market until 2019, more than four years after they took ownership. Initially listed for $1.8 million, the property sat on the market for several months before it was removed from real estate listings. They relisted the property in December 2019, this time, with updated pictures and staging. The sale was finalized in February 2020, for more than $1.5 million, according to Realtor.

How much did the family make on the deal?

The Duggar family may have purchased the property for a fraction of what it fetched when it finally sold, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily cleaned up. The family is rumored to have put more than $1 million into the renovations, meaning they likely turned a profit of around $300,000 when you factor in the other property that they purchased in the deal.

The family also spent a substantial amount of time working on the project, although they insisted it was a “fun” endeavor that the entire family was involved with. When Josiah Duggar married Lauren Swanson back in 2018, it was assumed the duo would reside in the home. That didn’t happen, though. Instead, they were gifted one of the smaller homes in Jim Bob’s portfolio. Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, also reside in a house owned by his father.  Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, also lived in a Duggar-owned home before purchasing it outright in 2017. Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Foryth, recently purchased a home from Jim Bob, too. They pair just $10 for their house.