‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar Clearly Does All the Cooking and Housework Between Her and Jeremy

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo seem to have a pretty happy life together. Last year, they settled down in Los Angeles, California. Many fans appreciate their relationship because it’s a bit more mainstream than other Duggars; Vuolo seemed to show Duggar more of the real world after they were married.

The Duggar couples still follow traditional gender roles, though, and it doesn’t seem like Duggar and Vuolo are doing anything differently there — Duggar still clearly does the cooking and cleaning around their house, and Vuolo isn’t ashamed to let his followers know. 

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Fans have mixed feelings about Duggar and Vuolo’s marriage

When Duggar and Vuolo first wed, people were instantly in love with the two. Duggar always seemed like she wanted a life that was a bit different from the rest of her siblings’, and Vuolo was able to give her that. The two only courted for a few months before Vuolo proposed, and after they wed, he whisked her away to Texas, where she started dressing and living much differently than the rest of her family. People loved that she was expressing herself.

Still, though, not all fans were convinced that these two made a good couple. Some of the show’s critics felt that Vuolo seemed a bit arrogant and worried it could lead to him not treating Duggar well.

Some fans criticized Vuolo for the way he talks about Duggar

Fans recently took to Reddit to discuss the way Vuolo speaks about Duggar, and most weren’t pleased with it. When Vuolo took to Instagram to say that Duggar was “taking amazing care of us,” people criticized the words, suggesting it wasn’t the proper way to speak about a partner.

“Jeremy sounded more like he was praising the hired help instead of genuinely thanking Jinger,” one user wrote. People also noted that Duggar looked displeased in the video, almost as though she was mad at Vuolo about something — though it’s unconfirmed if that was the case.

Vuolo has made it clear that Duggar takes care of the family

Vuolo’s recent Instagram stories about quarantine have made it clear that Duggar is the one taking care of him and their daughter, Felicity. He often praises the way she treats them, and he recently took to Instagram once more to speak highly of the dinner she cooked for the two on April 5.

“Jinger has us eating healthy during this lockdown,” Vuolo said, also noting in his caption that she’s an “amazing” cook. However, that seems to be all Vuolo ever praises her for. The Duggar women were raised to obey traditional gender roles, though some thought Duggar had escaped those when she married Vuolo. But it doesn’t seem like that’s the case, since she’s always cooking for the family and has posted Instagram ads related to easy cleaning (such as her Ruggable rug).

Duggar and Vuolo seem to show each other a lot of love

Despite fan theories that Duggar and Vuolo don’t have a very equal marriage, they still seem to show each other a lot of love. The two often post about each other on social media, and they both clearly have a lot of love for their daughter. Many fans still seem to love their dynamic, and ultimately, if they’re happy, then their dynamic doesn’t really matter.