‘Counting On’ Fans Say Jinger Duggar’s Eyes Look Like She’s Hiding Something: ‘She Cries A Lot’

Jinger Duggar is the sixth child of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. She wed Jeremy Vuolo back in 2016, and the two have since started living a much more modern life together. Though Duggar appears happy based on her Instagram photos, some fans feel like the reality star could be hiding something much more serious.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo in 2016

The Duggar children tend to marry very young. When Duggar met Vuolo (the two were introduced by Jessa and Ben Seewald), it appeared to be love at first sight. But distance kept them from starting a courtship for a little while. However, once the two began courting, they didn’t waste any time. Duggar and Vuolo courted for about a month before he proposed. The two planned a quick wedding and were married in 2016. Vuolo is more than six years older than his wife; Duggar was 22 when they wed, while he was 29. 

Fans have suggested she’s having difficulty adjusting to modern life

After Duggar and Vuolo were married, they didn’t settle down in Arkansas the way most Duggar family members do. Rather, the two immediately moved to Laredo, Texas, where they lived for several years before moving to California last summer.

Duggar’s life became much more modern after marrying Vuolo. She started wearing pants and going out to events that weren’t always church-related. Duggar even dyed her hair, and she made some new friends. But fans have wondered how easily the new modern life has come. Some who follow the show have likened Duggar’s childhood to a “cult,” and it can be difficult to readjust for someone who is thrown into the real world without any warning.

Some think Duggar’s eyes show she’s hiding her unhappiness

Though Duggar posts plenty of joyful photos to Instagram, some fans think that reading between the lines shows things actually aren’t as they seem with the Counting On star. After a recent Instagram post that showed a close-up of Duggar’s face, some who follow the family had a lot to say.

“The dark circles around Jinger’s eyes always make me think she cries a lot,” one user wrote on Reddit. “Jinger doesn’t look happy or healthy,” someone wrote. “She seems more vacant than usual,” another person replied. Another person suggested she looked like she was “being held hostage.”

Fans suspect she could be pregnant with baby no. 2

It’s nearly impossible to tell through social media whether someone is truly happy, especially when it’s someone so high profile. While some fans think Duggar looks miserable, others think she is glowing — and pregnant with baby no. 2. Fans started to suspect Duggar could be pregnant when she posted a Thanksgiving photo that appeared to show a slight baby bump.

Duggar and Vuolo only have one daughter, which is unusual for Duggar’s family’s lifestyle. But now that they’ve been married for more than three years, fans think another little one is on the way. Time will tell if the two make a big announcement.