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It looks like some of the Duggar kids are finding new income streams. Jessa Duggar is busy carving out a YouTube career for herself, while Jill Duggar and Jinger Duggar have been putting in overtime on Instagram. One of the Duggar boys is exploring a different path, too. Joseph Duggar appears to be making a career as a real estate agent. At the very least, he appears to have the credentials required to sell a home. The move appears to have come after the family was paid a visit by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Duggar family car business appears to be closed for good

After the November 2019 investigation, the Duggar family shuttered the car lots they had been running for years. They scrubbed the business’ Facebook page, and locals have reported all cars that were located on the lot have been moved.  Family critics have long wondered what the Duggar boys who worked the lots have been up to since.

Josh Duggar, who ran the car lot where investigators from the Department of Homeland Security were spotted, doesn’t appear to be doing much. He currently has a lawsuit to attend to, anyway. There is little information about what Josiah Duggar has been doing in recent months, too. Joseph Duggar, however, has resurfaced with a new job.

Joseph appears to be selling real estate

While it’s hard to say what Josh and Josiah have been up to in recent months, Joseph Duggar, who also worked at the family’s car lot, has found himself a new career. At least, on paper, he has. Joseph is officially a real estate agent and scored his first significant commission in February 2020. Joseph G. Duggar was listed as the buyer’s agent on a home that was previously owned by Mary Duggar.

The property, which is within .5 miles of the Duggar family’s Arbor Acres Avenue, was sold on Feb. 25. The home, where Mary Duggar lived until her death in June 2019, was sold to a couple that does not immediately appear to be connected to the Duggar family. The house, at the time of its sale, was owned by a trust in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s name, according to property records.

Real estate is a long-standing family business

Joseph’s chosen line of work is not particularly surprising. Mary, Jim Bob, and Michelle were all licensed real estate agents at some point. Jim Bob’s license to sell property is still active and the family owns a number of properties across Northwest Arkansas. Jim Bob and Michelle recently unloaded an expansive mansion that they spent years renovating.


Josh Duggar Will Go to Trial For Bad Real Estate Deal

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In the family’s book, The Duggars: 20 and Counting!, the patriarch and matriarch delved into how they began their real estate business, and how they’ve used several streams of passive income to support their supersized family. Joseph may be taking a page out of the same playbook. He and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, appear to be on track to have a large family, too. The couple, who wed in 2017, are already the parents to two children. Garrett, the couple’s eldest child, was born almost exactly nine months after the couple’s wedding. They welcomed their second child, Addison, in November 2019.