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While the Coronavirus has shut down much of the United States, a lawsuit against Joshua Duggar is still moving forward. The lawsuit, which accuses Josh of purchasing a piece of property that was already owned by another Arkansas resident, is set to continue in April 2020. His latest legal squirmish isn’t his first time inside a courtroom, though. Josh has been sued multiple times over the years.

Josh was sued in 2015 by an adult entertainment star

Back in 2015, Josh was sued by adult entertainment star, Danica Dillon. Dillon claims that she met Josh at a strip club in Philadelphia, where he paid for several private lap dances before propositioning her for sex. Dillon agreed to meet him in his hotel room. She claimed the encounter went awry when Josh became aggressive, according to USA Today.

The lawsuit was later dismissed. According to reports, Josh allegedly had proof that he was not in the area on the dates that Dillon provided to her attorney. While the lawsuit was dismissed, Dillon took to Twitter to insist that her telling of events was no lie.

Josh was also sued by the man whose photos he stole

Josh wasn’t just living a double life by showing up at strip clubs and allegedly propositioning adult entertainment stars. He was also using online dating platforms to find women to connect with. He couldn’t use his own photos, though. Instead, Josh took photos that belonged to a DJ and used them on his dating profiles on Ashley Madison and OkCupid.

The DJ, whose name is Matthew McCarthy, filed a lawsuit against Duggar in 2016, claiming that the use of his photos had caused him distress and cost him jobs. According to The Cut, McCarthy sued Duggar for the wrongful use of his pictures. The case was dismissed because Josh argued he did not create the profiles in the state in which McCarthy filed the lawsuit. The judge agreed but suggested that McCarthy could file the lawsuit in the correct state if he wanted. He did not choose to file a second suit.  

Josh’s real estate lawsuit is the latest in his long line of issues

The disgraced Duggar son is back in a courtroom dealing with allegations that he purchased land that belonged to someone else. The lawsuit will go forward, and it looks like Josh and his company may be on the hook for damages, but he has another issue to contend with, too.  

The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly investigating Josh and a car lot that he owned. The federal agency was spotted at a property owned by the Duggar family in November 2019. Little else has been released about the investigation, although it could take months for the investigation to wrap up. The agency has not been spotted on the property again, though. The car lot has since been shut down.