‘Counting On’: Josiah Duggar’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Life Could Not Be More Different Than His

Back in 2015, it looked like Josiah Duggar was headed down the aisle. At just 19 years old, Josiah announced his courtship to Marjorie Jackson, who was only 17 at the time. Fans, initially shocked, quickly jumped on board and appeared happy for the young couple. After all, they grew up in similar backgrounds and seemed to enjoy each other’s company. The courtship, however, was not meant to be. Just a few months after announcing their coupledom, they inexplicably broke up. It took three more years, but Josiah eventually married Lauren Swanson. While Lauren and Josiah just welcomed their first child, Marjorie is off living a much different life. Fans think she dodged a bullet.

Marjorie and Josiah may have broken up because of Josh Duggar

Josiah and Marjorie announced their courtship in April 2015. Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately) their courtship news was overshadowed by the revelation that Josh Duggar had molested several of his younger sisters, as well as a family friend. It wasn’t long after the announcement that Marjorie reportedly ended things with Josiah. Ok! Magazine suggests that Marjorie may have even thrown shade at the Duggar family in one of the books she has published since the split.

In one of her published works, she speaks about moral failings and secrets. Duggar family followers believe she’s talking directly about Josh. She also goes on to suggest that young women need to weed out the “creeps” who want to date them. Since Marjorie’s only real dating experience seems to be Josiah, many followers wonder if she’s speaking about him and his family in her writing.

Her life is way different without the Duggars

Marjorie may still call Arkansas home, but it looks like her life is significantly different without the Duggar family. The difference in Marjorie from her courtship announcement video to her current Instagram feed is actually startling. In a recent Instagram Story, Marjorie shared a snapshot from a recent vacation. In the photo, she is wearing a swimsuit and holding several starfish.

Reddit fans noticed the photo and couldn’t help but comment on just how different Marjorie’s life is these days. Not only is she wearing a traditional bathing suit, but she’s traveling extensively and wearing shorts, tank tops and pants almost exclusively. She also appears to be working to carve out a career for herself. Her siblings have also seemingly shed their ultra-conservative Christian values, too. Jackson’s sister, Genevieve Jackson, recently got engaged, and it looks like the couple is kissing before their wedding day, a decision that goes against the Duggar family’s belief system.

Because Marjorie is working, traveling and enjoying life as a 20, many fans think she dodged a bullet by ending her relationship with Josiah. Since Marjorie appears to be pretty driven, her long-term goals likely would not have meshed with Josiah and his family’s expectations. After all, the Duggar believes that women should not work outside the home, and they also think that they should have as many children as possible. Marjorie, at 22, doesn’t seem to be about that life, at least right now.

Fans are really worried about Josiah

While followers seem to be happy to see Marjorie thriving, they are a little concerned about her ex-boyfriend. Rumors have swirled for months that the father of one isn’t happy in his current marriage and that he is headed for a breakdown. The welcoming of his first daughter with his wife has done little to put the rumors to rest. In fact, Josiah looks more stressed than ever before.

In recent photos, Josiah has been looking pretty worn down. Moms.com also notes that Josiah and Lauren are seen miles apart from one another at the Duggar family holiday celebration. The photo, shared by Jana Duggar, has renewed concerns about the couple’s marriage. Their union has been marred by rumors since they first announced they’d wed. Many followers believe the marriage was arranged. If the couple is not happy, they likely will never admit it, though.