‘Counting On’: Josiah’s Recent Photos Have Fans Concerned for His Health

It’s been a wild month for Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson. While rumors of a federal raid on the family continue to swirl, Josiah and Lauren are hunkered down at home with their newborn daughter. The couple welcomed Bella Milagro on Nov. 8. Their rainbow baby was much anticipated, and fans eagerly awaited the exclusive photos of the couple’s newborn. Now that they’ve been released, however, fans and followers are a little concerned about Josiah’s well-being.

Fans notice that Josiah looks a little sickly in recent photos

Blame it on lack of sleep, or the difficulty in adjusting to a newborn in the house, but fans noticed Josiah didn’t look entirely like himself in exclusive photos released by Us Weekly. Josiah appears a bit pale as if he’s just getting over being ill in the pictures. Reddit followers also noted he didn’t look particularly well in clips from the family’s show. In one clip, it appears as though Josiah is recovering from two black eyes. His eyes appear heavily bagged, as well.

One Reddit fan suggested that he looks like he may be suffering from some sort of food allergy that he’s not yet aware of. Lauren, for her part, is gluten-free due to severe food allergies, but Josiah has never publicly suggested he had any sort of allergy or intolerance. Another fan suggested Josiah appears incredibly unhappy. While he surely loves his daughter, there is a lot of stress that comes with bringing a newborn home, couple that with the family’s potential legal trouble, and followers may have an explanation for Josiah’s current look.

This isn’t the first time fans have noticed Josiah doesn’t look like himself

Even before Bella joined the family, followers showed concern for the formerly charismatic Duggar. Josiah, as a child, was known for his wild antics and fun bowties. As an adult, much of the spark appears to be gone out of his eyes. An insider even claimed that Josiah was on the verge of a breakdown, and his marriage to Lauren might have something to do with it.

Rumors swirled that Josiah was married off to Lauren when a private Facebook page was discovered. The alleged social media profile was secular in nature, something that is a complete violation of Duggar family rules. Josiah was initially given access to social media when he began courting Marjorie Jackson. When the courtship failed, his social media went dark, or, at the very least, the social media his family was aware of went dark.

Is Josiah involved in the family’s recent legal troubles?

Josiah might not look rundown because he’s adjusting to life with a new baby. There is another looming issue confronting the Duggar family. Rumor has it that the family, or at least some of its members, are embroiled in a Department of Homeland Security investigation. While original reports suggested the FBI was on hand at the family’s compound, news reports have since been amended. A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security admitted that agents were present at a family car lot.

Area locals originally suggested official vehicles were also spotted at Josiah’s home, as well as the home of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. The HSI spokesperson declined to comment on the nature of the visit, nor did he share which member of the family they were investigating. Radar Online’s FOIA request was denied, citing a right to privacy. Followers know that Josiah does work at one of the family’s car lots, but it’s unknown if he works at the lot that is attached to the current investigation. While most followers believe Josh Duggar is at the center of the investigation, Josiah may be involved, too. That is if the investigation is somehow connected to the business.