‘Counting On’: Joy Duggar Debuts a Whole New Look — Without Bangs

The Duggar daughters have been slowly branching out a bit now that many of them are married and have families of their own. Though they still generally have a strict set of rules within their own families, the women have been able to express themselves in a few different ways. Joy Duggar, who is married to Austin Forsyth, debuted her new bangs back in November. But she already got rid of them.

Joy Duggar
Joy-Anna Duggar | Austin and Joy Forsyth via Instagram

The Duggar women generally have to listen to their husbands

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar established a family dynamic where the man makes the money and the decisions, and the woman cares for her husband and her kids. Now that many of the Duggars have grown up and started families of their own, they’re generally living by these same rules. Some Duggars have been able to branch out a bit, such as Jinger Duggar (who lives in California with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo), but for the most part, the family dynamics are still the same.

Joy Duggar seems to express herself a bit more now that she’s married

Joy Duggar’s life with Austin Forsyth isn’t a life of endless freedom, per se, but it is a life where she gets to express herself a bit more. Duggar was always more of a tomboy growing up, and by marrying Austin Forsyth, she’s able to get her hands dirty a bit more. She and Forsyth work on home remodeling together, take hikes, and do other active things that keep Duggar from having to conform to the gender roles entirely.

The Duggar women have slowly started changing up their looks, too. Last summer, Jinger Duggar debuted blonde hair, and Joy Duggar followed in November by debuting brand new bangs; fans loved the look. Since then, both Jill Duggar and Jinger have chopped most of their hair off.

She recently got rid of her bangs — but didn’t say why 

Duggar recently posted a photo alongside Carlin Bates after she made the trip out to Tennessee to meet Bates’ new baby girl. And to fans’ surprise, Duggar ditched her bangs. She hasn’t posted a photo of herself (with her hair down) to her Instagram account since mid-January, so it’s unclear when she actually got rid of them. She also did not give an explanation as to why she had changed her mind about the look.  

Many fans think she looks more like her sisters now

In addition to getting rid of her bangs, it’s clear that Duggar’s hair is getting darker. But when a fan asked her a while ago whether she had dyed her hair, she said she hadn’t. Duggar was always blonde growing up, but it’s possible that her hair is naturally getting darker as she ages. And the dark hair has made her look so much more like her sisters.

When Duggar posted the photo with Bates, fans were shocked at her resemblance to both Jinger and Jessa. She appears to have the same hairstyle as Jessa with Jinger’s smile, and it’s clear these women are related. For years, Duggar’s blonde hair made her look different from her older siblings, but now, not so much.