‘Counting On’: Joy Duggar’s Son Proves He’s the Messiest Family Member

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth welcomed their son, Gideon, back in February 2018. Since then, the Counting On stars have loved posting photos and videos of their son as he grows up. Duggar has captured some hilarious moments with her little boy, proving he’s the messiest Duggar.  

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth with their son, Gideon
Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth with their son, Gideon | Joy-Anna Forsyth via Instagram

‘Counting On’ fans think Gideon seems extremely happy

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth are soaking up the last moments with their son before they welcome a new baby later this summer. Duggar loves posting photos and videos of Gideon to social media, and he’s won the hearts of many Counting On fans.

Duggar once posted a video of Gideon doing his “happy face” and “mad face” for the camera, and fans thought he seemed so extroverted and excited. Duggar also posted footage of her son during the couple’s Fourth of July weekend celebration, where Gideon is acting like a typical little kid and seems to certainly keep his parents entertained. Forsyth posts plenty of photos with his son, too, including taking Gideon to the airport and inviting him to work alongside his dad at job sites.

Joy Duggar has posted several photos of Gideon making a mess

Anyone with little kids knows that being a parent comes with plenty of messes. And Duggar always seems to capture picture-perfect moments of her son wreaking havoc around their home. Back in May, Duggar posted a photo of Gideon standing on a bar stool in the family’s kitchen, pouring an entire jug of milk onto the counter. Some of it dripped on the floor, and Duggar noted that she had time to take the photo because Gideon had spilled most of the jug before she noticed.

On July 11, Duggar posted another photo of Gideon playing with a kitchen ingredient. Her son had poured a container of baking powder all over the floor and gave his mother a smile when she caught him. “How could I get mad at that face?!” Duggar captioned the photo. Fans thought it was funny, especially because Duggar could easily vacuum up the mess, making clean up a breeze. “He’s just freshening up your carpets, it makes a great deodorizer,” one fan wrote in the comments.


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Duggar and Forsyth are excited for Gideon to have a little sister 

Duggar and Forsyth announced this past spring that they’re expecting another baby in August. Last year, Duggar and Forsyth announced a pregnancy but tragically lost the baby at 20 weeks. Duggar has said she still greatly misses her daughter, but the two are now preparing to welcome another little girl.

Gideon will soon have a sister, which means his days of being an only child are almost at an end. Duggar and Forsyth seem to be posting him on social media more than usual, possibly because they’re making the most of the few months they have left before the chaos of having two children ensues.