‘Counting On’: One of the Lesser-Known Duggars Might Have the Most Interesting Instagram Accounts

The Duggar family is no stranger to social media. Since Jessa Duggar announced her courtship back in 2013, the Duggar kids have been joining social media in droves. Traditionally, they don’t join Instagram or Twitter until after they have announced a courtship, but in recent years, a few single Duggars have dropped into the digital world. One of the lesser-known Duggars, Jason Duggar, recently joined Instagram, and family followers are noticing his feed seems a lot more interesting than the profiles of his coupled up brothers and sisters.

Which unwed Duggars have social media?

It was largely believed that the Duggar kids were not allowed to sign up for social media until they were ready to walk down the aisle. That was true for many years, but Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar appear to be loosening up lately. In the last two years, three Duggar siblings have joined Instagram without announcing an impending marriage.

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Jana Duggar, the family’s eldest daughter, was the first unwed Duggar to sign up for Instagram. She joined the platform in January 2019. Jana mostly uses Instagram to share snapshots of her garden and her travels. When she joined the platform, fans assumed she’d announce a courtship within weeks. More than 18 months later, and Jana still doesn’t have a beau.

Jedidiah Duggar signed up for Instagram in November 2019. A courtship announcement was not forthcoming for him, either. Instead, Jeremiah has been using his social media access for political purposes. Jedidiah is currently running for a seat in the Arkansas State House of Representatives. Jedidiah also shocked fans by reportedly moving out of the family’s Springdale, Arkansas compound, although his twin, Jeremiah Duggar, moved with him. Now, Jason Duggar has joined Instagram, and he’s already getting a ton of attention for his posts.

Why did Jason Duggar join Instagram?

In June, Jason turned heads by joining Instagram. Most family followers assumed an engagement announcement was imminent. After all, there appeared to be no reason for Jason to join social media. Jana only joined the platform because she gets just as much airtime on Counting On as her married siblings. Jedidiah was granted permission to sign up for an account because of his political goals. Jason doesn’t get any airtime on the series, and he has no political aspirations at the moment. So, why was Jason allowed to sign up?

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While some family followers think the 20-year-old is currently dating someone, his Instagram account seems to be for business purposes. Jason is running his own construction company and appears to be using the platform to promote the work he does. Just a few days after he signed up for a personal Instagram account, he also created a business account for Build Master Construction, the company that he and several of his siblings appear to work on together. That doesn’t mean a courtship isn’t forthcoming, though.

Jason Duggar’s Instagram is getting a lot of attention  

Jason’s Instagram is getting a lot of positive attention. In just six weeks, Jason has shared a couple of funny videos, a time-lapse of a construction project and snapshots with his siblings. The account looks pretty normal, and that’s what is getting so much attention from family followers. Jason could be any other 20-something, which has led some family followers to think Jim Bob and Michelle are becoming less restrictive as time goes on.

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Jason, unlike his married siblings, appears to have his own personality and isn’t afraid to showcase it for the world. In his short time on social media, he’s gone head-to-head with haters and answered fan questions. Will that continue as his fan base grows? It’s hard to say, but Jason is quickly amassing followers, and that’s always good for the Duggar brand.