Counting On: Some People Are Convinced John and Abbie Duggar Will Have Twins Soon

John David Duggar married Abbie Burnett back in November 2018; they welcomed their first daughter, Grace Annette, in January 2020. John and Abbie don’t seem to be in a rush to have as many kids as some of the other Duggars, but some do think they’ll be the first couple to announce a set of twins.

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett
John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett | John and Abbie Duggar via Instagram

John and Abbie Duggar waited a little while to start a family

In the Duggar family, it’s not uncommon for couples to announce a pregnancy shortly after marriage. There have been several Duggar couples whose pregnancy announcements have come only three months after they tied the knot, suggesting a pregnancy on the honeymoon. But John and Abbie slowed things down a bit when it came to starting a family. The two wed in November 2018, but they didn’t announce a pregnancy until August 2019.

The couple’s first daughter, Grace Annette, arrived in January, and they’ve loved every minute of being parents. The two enjoy posting photos of their daughter to social media, and fans have liked getting to know the couple’s little girl.

Some think the two will eventually have twins

Though the Duggars have a massive following, not everyone is such a big fan. Some users often take to Reddit to criticize the family, though they do tend to have discussions about where they believe the kids will end up in the future. And many agree that John and Abbie will be the ones to have the first set of twins.

“John and Abbie. A woman’s chances of having twins goes up with age,” one user wrote when asked which couple would welcome twins first.” Abbie also has siblings who are twins, so that could maybe raise the odds for them too,” someone else suggested. “All of the biological Duggar girls have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins since Michelle had them. I’m gonna guess Abby will have the first set because she has twin sisters,” someone else agreed. Some also thought Jessa or Jinger could be the first to welcome twins.


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Many believe John and Abbie won’t have as many kids as Michelle and Jim Bob

As the Duggar kids have grown, many have wed and started families of their own, and we’re now seeing that most kids are not on the same track for childbirth as Michelle and Jim Bob were. Jill is 29 and has two kids, while Jessa is 27 and has three. Jinger is 26 and has one (with one on the way), while Abbie is 28 with only one. By the time Michelle was 28, she already had five children.

John and Abbie started married life a bit later than the other Duggars; they were in their late twenties when they tied the knot. Plus, Abbie dealt with hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy, also known as severe morning sickness, which could affect how many kids the two plan to have.