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It has been two months since the Department of Homeland Security paid a visit to a business owned by the Duggar family. While original rumors suggested the FBI was involved in a raid at the family’s compound, it turns out that the FBI was never involved. That doesn’t mean the Duggar family isn’t in hot water, and fans are desperate to find out what is going on with the reportedly open investigation. Rumors began to swirl on Jan. 15 that police were once again spotted at the family home, but does it really have anything to do with the reportedly ongoing investigation?

A police SUV was spotted at the Duggar compound

On Jan. 15, a Facebook group dedicated to unearthing Duggar dirt posted photos showing a police car stationed outside of the Duggar family’s home. According to the information provided by the page, there was also a lot of activity around the house, including an SUV backed up to the front doors of the home. The family also appeared to be servicing their RV, potentially readying it for a trip. The family hasn’t publicly announced any plans for a trip, though, and no travel pictures have surfaced in recent days.

The Duggar family visits "Extra" in Times Square on March 11, 2013 in New York City.
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Considering the ongoing investigation, the presence of a police cruiser was of interest to those who follow the Duggar family, but no new information regarding the reported raids has been released. No arrests or warrants for any of the Duggar family members have been issued, according to court records.

Does the police presence have anything to do with the ongoing investigation?

Without a Crystal Ball, a YouTube channel dedicated to discussing celebrity scandals released a video regarding the police cruiser. Commenters quickly flooded the video, and several noted that a police car being located across the street from the property likely doesn’t mean much. One commenter indicated that during a visit to the area, police were stationed across from the house, likely to keep fans and onlookers at bay. The Duggar family’s address is readily available when searched, meaning anyone in the area can stake out the area. Police may also utilize the open space across from the property for completing paperwork and other activities.

It should also be noted that the police cruiser appears to be registered to the Sherrif’s department. The local sheriff is not handling whatever investigation is ongoing against the Duggar family. It would appear that the Department of Homeland Security is the only agency currently involved, and it is unlikely that they would utilize a cruiser for investigative purposes.

What is the investigation all about?

The Department of Homeland Security has remained tightlipped about the ongoing investigation, and they haven’t offered an update since they last spoke with KNWA back in November 2019. That doesn’t mean the investigation has been closed, however. It can take months for the DHS to finalize an inquiry, and it could take even longer for them to file charges against the family members if it comes to that.

Several locals have suggested the alleged raid was conducted on a car lot owned by Josh Duggar. Josh, the eldest Duggar son, has had more than a few issues. He is known to have molested several of his siblings when he was a teen and was later outed as a cheater during the Ashley Madison data breach. The car lot has since shuttered its doors and scrubbed the company’s Facebook page. It will likely be some time before followers know exactly what prompted the investigation, though.