‘Counting On’: Reddit Users Claim Joy-Anna Duggar Is Currently Expecting

Something strange is happening in Duggartown this weekend. No, no one is being hauled away by a federal agency. Instead, Jill Duggar has finally surfaced with her siblings, after going unmentioned by the Duggar family for more than two years. So, what significant event could have dragged Jill away from her growing squad of non-fundamentalist friends? Reddit users believe Jill was on hand to celebrate a Duggar pregnancy announcement.  

Is Joy-Anna Duggar expecting?

While Joy-Anna has not announced a pregnancy, fans have been looking for signs and symptoms of an impending announcement for months. While Joy’s July 2019 miscarriage was undoubtedly traumatic, she and her husband, Austin Forsyth, both appear interested in expanding their family further.

A moderator of the Reddit community, Duggar Snark, shared a post that let fans know they had received an anonymous email from someone who reportedly spotted Joy-Anna out and about in Tennessee. Joy was in town to meet Carlin Bates’ baby. According to the reported source, Joy-Anna was discussing being pregnant. Several users, however, note that Joy doesn’t look pregnant in her most recent snaps, especially in the photos from the trip that the source referenced. The identity of the whistleblower was not revealed, and their connection to Joy-Anna has not been verified.

Joy’s late-term miscarriage last year was emotionally difficult for the mother of one

Joy has not announced her pregnancy to the world if there actually is one, but the lack of announcement might not mean that the rumors aren’t rooted in reality. Yes, Joy has had a pattern of announcing her pregnancies at the three-month mark, but after her late-term miscarriage, she may take a bit more time to let the world at large know she’s expecting. In fact, some fans believe Joy is likely to wait until she passes the five-month mark to make a public announcement.

Joy announced her first pregnancy in August 2017. The young couple welcomed their first son, Gideon Forsyth, on February 23, 2018.  People noted that Joy had a difficult labor that culminated in an emergency c-section almost precisely nine months after her wedding date.

Joy announced she was pregnant with her second child on May 3, 2019. She informed her followers that baby number 2, a girl, was expected to arrive in November 2019. In early July, she suffered a late-term miscarriage. She took to Instagram to share the devastating news, then took a break from social media. She later said that she and Austin were waiting for her body to heal before they tried for another baby, sparking some fans to question whether she had altered her beliefs on birth control.

Does Jill’s presence at the event point to a pregnancy announcement?

Jill hasn’t been invited to a family event in months, dare we say even years. At the very least, she has not been pictured at an event outside of a wedding since being booted from Counting On. Jill, however, was the older sister responsible for primarily raising Joy-Anna and the two remain close, regardless of the familial rift.

Fans are speculating that Jill’s appearance at the family event indicates that whatever celebration was taking place has something to do with Joy, as Jill would have been unlikely to turn up for any other reason. Since none of the men were present at the celebration, fans assume that whatever the family was celebrating has something to do with one of the Duggar women, at the very least. Jessa Duggar, who posted photos of the gettogether, did not mention if they met up for any special reason.