‘Counting On’: Some Fans Think Jeremy Vuolo is Trying to Make Jinger Duggar Look Like This 1 Star

Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have quickly become fan favorites among those who love the show. Each time either posts a photo of the other, fans fawn over their apparent love for each other.

Despite the loving Instagram posts, there’s another group of the show’s followers who think Duggar and Vuolo’s relationship is actually mostly controlled by Vuolo. And now that Duggar has changed up her hair, some fans suspect her husband is trying to make her look like another star.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Duggar and Vuolo wed in 2016

The Duggar children don’t wait very long to get married once they begin courting, and Jinger Duggar was no exception. She and Vuolo met several years back after being introduced by Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald. The two only courted for a few months before getting engaged, and they wed only a few months after that.

Once Duggar and Vuolo were married, they started a new life together down in Laredo, Texas. Last year, though, the two uprooted their Texas lives for a fresh start in Los Angeles, California, which is where they have been ever since.

Some fans suspect Duggar has been struggling with her modern life

Duggar has become a social media star since marrying Vuolo. She dresses much more modernly as well, and she now listens to mainstream music and watches television. Though she seems happy, not everyone is convinced things have been easy for her.

Users took to Reddit to discuss the potential difficulties Duggar might be facing having been thrust into a more modern life. She was raised very sheltered, and breaking out of that shell takes time. It would make sense if things weren’t as easy for her as social media made it seem.

Other fans think Vuolo is shaping Duggar into country singer Gabby Barrett

Duggar surprised fans last year when she dyed her hair blonde; something no one else in her family had ever done. Since then, she’s remained blonde, and she recently upped the ante by debuting shorter, wavier hair that looked even more bleached.

Though many fans adored the look, there were some who felt like Vuolo was behind Duggar’s dyed hair — and that he was trying to make her look like someone else. “Jinger’s new look furthers my idea… That [Jeremy] is into Gabby [Barrett],” one user posed to Reddit. “I’ve had the same thought ever since they said that he shares his ‘struggles’ with her. [Jeremy] struggles with lusting over a blonde, Jingle goes blonde.” Gabby Barrett was an American Idol star who has gone on to produce several country hits. She is also a friend of Duggar and Vuolo’s.

Gabby Barrett, second from left, is pictured with the Vuolos and others.

Many fans believe the two are in love and extremely happy

Though there are some who follow the show and see a lot of negativity in Duggar and Vuolo’s relationship, there is nothing to confirm that. Many of Duggar’s social media followers think she looks extremely happy in all of her photos, though it’s also important to note that social media doesn’t necessarily define one’s life or happiness.

Many fans loved Duggar’s haircut and did not equate it to Vuolo trying to turn her into someone else. There have long been questions surrounding the Duggar’s marriages, since they all seem to happen so quickly. But the truth is that if Duggar and Vuolo seem happy, we should assume they are.