‘Counting On’: The 1 Moment Between Jinger and Jeremy That Made Fans Uncomfortable

Counting On stars Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have had a crazy couple of years. Within three years, the couple has gotten married, had a daughter, and moved to a whole new state. To add even more to their already changing lives, Jinger decided to change her appearance as well and she her hair blonde.

While fans loved Jinger’s new hairdo, nobody seemed to love the new look more than her husband. Though, there is nothing wrong with a husband liking the way that his wife looks, fans thought that Jeremy’s reaction was just a little bit odd.

So, what exactly happened between Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo that made fans feel a little uncomfortable? Keep reading to find out.

How long have Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo been married?

The Duggar family on set
The Duggar family | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Jinger and Jeremy first met in 2015. Jeremy became friends with Jessa and Ben Seewald. When Jessa first met Jeremy, she knew that he would be perfect for her sister, Jinger.

After Jeremy had corresponded with the Seewalds for a few months, he made the trip from Texas to Arkansas to meet with the family. And that is when he first met Jinger and sparks were immediately flying.

A few months later, Jeremy asked Jim Bob Duggar if he could court his daughter. Their fun-filled, side-hugging courtship lasted for only around a month before Jeremy asked Jinger to marry him.

Then, on November 5, 2016, Jeremy and Jinger said “I do,” in front of over 1,000 of their closest friends and family members, as well as the TLC film crew.

After the wedding, Jinger and Jeremy traveled back to Laredo, Texas to live and then they welcomed their daughter, Felicity, into the world around two years later in 2018.

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo moved to California and welcomed even more changes

Recently, Jeremy and Jinger announced that they would be moving to Los Angeles so that Jeremy could complete his master’s degree at the Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley. So, the Vuolo’s packed up their belonging (and their film crew) and headed to California.

Right before they left for their new home in California, Jinger felt that it was a good time to update her appearance a little bit.

In addition to her rebellious pants and sleeveless shirt ensembles that she sometimes chooses to wear, she has now decided to dye her hair blonde. And we have to admit, it does look pretty good on her. She came home from the salon with her new hairdo and surprised both her daughter and her husband.

At first, her daughter didn’t really know what to think, but her husband was not shy about letting her know just how much he loved her new hair color.

What was the one moment between Jeremy and Jinger that made fans feel uncomfortable?

 When Jinger first walked in with her new hair color, Jeremy’s face immediately lit up. He walked over to her, gave her a kiss, grabbed her butt and told her that he loved her new look. Many fans thought that his initial reaction was very sweet.

However, the way that he kept going on and on about how good she looks now made fans feel a little uncomfortable and think that he may have not liked the way she looked before. Also, when the producers asked Jeremy if he prefers before Jinger or after Jinger, Jeremy was quick to answer, “Oh, the now Jinger.”

One fan on Reddit had said: “”Jeremy preferring the ‘Now Jinger’ made me a bit…sad? Like the old wasn’t good enough for him.. I’ve seen snark about him preferring blondes and ‘molding’ Jinger to his standards of beauty, so I guess it all makes sense now that we have seen his reaction and heard how much he had to say about [her] hair.”

The Vuolo’s are now in California and seem to be loving their life. It’s hard to say for sure if Jeremy actually didn’t like the way Jinger looked before, but one thing is for sure, he definitely likes the way she looks now.