‘Counting On’: The 1 Thing Everyone Gets Wrong About Jana Duggar

For one very ordinary reason, everyone has opinions on Jana Duggar. They call her pathetic, or strange, or trapped. But no matter what the haters say, there’s one thing that the eldest Duggar daughter won’t ever do. She refuses to change her lifestyle to fit what’s expected of her.

The Duggar family rose to prominence because people couldn’t believe their counter-cultural lifestyle. These evangelical Christians are extremely strict with their rules and while they’re not the only family living this way, they are one of the most popular. Jana Duggar is proof that no matter how old the kids get, they’re still very aware of their parents’ rules.

Jana Duggar is still living at home at the age of 29. She’s never had a serious boyfriend and isn’t planning on leaving her family home until marriage. But why is she being so picky about finding a soul mate?

She’s waiting for the right person to come along

Jana Duggar is a smart, beautiful young woman who no doubt has plenty of potential suitors. There are even rumors that she’s been part of courtships in the past, but obviously none of those resulted in marriage. That’s because Jana is not in a hurry and she’s not willing to settle for any relationship that’s less than amazing.

“Different ones of us have been in relationships, courtships, whatever you want to label it as,” she said in an interview. “You have to sometimes talk to someone, get to know someone and realize, you know what, it doesn’t have to end in marriage.”

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Jana Duggar likes her life as it is

While some followers worry that Jana is missing out on the fun of young adulthood, the truth is she does what she wants to do, minus getting her own apartment somewhere. Jana signed up for her own Instagram account and documents her frequent travels there. Plus, she has plenty of hobbies, like gardening, to keep her busy.

With so many millennials moving back in with their parents to save money, it’s actually quite fitting that Jana Duggar chooses to still live at home. And she doesn’t even have student loan debt!

‘Counting On’ fans are expecting a courtship announcement soon

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Even though she’s in no rush, some of Jana Duggar’s younger siblings have gone on record saying she has plenty of interested suitors. With all the attention, and with so many eligible bachelors realizing Jana is single, it’s only a matter of time before she chooses one of them.

There are rumors going around that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are sick of waiting for Jana to get married because it’s casting their courtship rules in a negative light. But even if they’re anxious about it, it’s unlikely they’ll kick her out anytime soon. Jana is very helpful with her younger siblings and even assists with homeschooling them. She also helps with other household duties as a way of “paying” for room and board.

We’re all hoping to see a courtship on this season of Counting On. But even if that doesn’t happen, it’s clear Jana Duggar is content to wait for Mr. Right to show up!